Why you should all go see Annabelle: Creation

Our favourite and creepy AF looking doll is back


Yes, Annabelle has returned to the big screen in the scary sequel ‘Annabelle: Creation’. I did have my doubts as I wasn’t much of a fan of the first film. Boy, I was proved wrong so many times. For those who haven’t seen it yet, prepare yourselves; you may be in for a fright. I suggest watching the trailer first.

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I was lucky enough to attend the premiere for ‘Annabelle: Creation’ earlier this week, and it was amazing. The dolls was there (yes I got a picture and am probably cursed now), and I was ready. Let me tell you right now, I was wrong – I wasn’t ready. I jumped a few times, and my friend screamed once. It was great.

I’m really glad that ‘Annabelle: Creation’ focused on exactly that: the creation of how it all began. Because what’s a horror story without a beginning? But literally, this whole situation could’ve been avoided if white people stopped messing with the supernatural. Anyways, this husband and wife lose their child in a terrible car accident, and they try and contact her spirit. It works… but not in the way they thought. They’ve now invited a demon into their home. Idiots. (But I lowkey love it.)

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As for the film itself, it was fantastic and surpassed the first film with ease. ‘Annabelle: Creation’ was much scarier, more exciting and had that edge-of-your-seat feel to it. My favourite part was the audience in the cinema. Every time Annabelle appeared on the screen, everyone would freak out and whisper, “It’s Annabelle!” It was actually amazing. There were a few times where people full on screamed or gasped, and I was living for it.

The story was one of my favourites after ‘The Conjuring 2’. It flowed nicely and wasn’t confusing as some other horror movies I’ve seen. Some of the jump scares were slightly predictable but still managed to make me jump a few times. Also, there was an effing scarecrow, and I hate the shit so much, but it was also epic.

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And there was a little hint to The Nun from ‘The Conjuring 2’, and I cannot wait for that film next year. Overall, ‘Annabelle: Creation’ is a step up from it’s first movie and provides a great story, good scares and a yearning for more. Make sure to check it out in cinemas now. Good luck!

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