LUSH are launching a subscription service in the U.K.



Beauty box subscriptions can be fun, but you don’t always know if you’ll like every product. With what LUSH have up their sleeves, though, you can guarantee to be a fan of everything they send you.

Yes, you’ve read right – LUSH are doing a subscription service in the U.K.! The ethical beauty company has confirmed that they’ll be bringing their bath bomb subscription to the U.K. in the not-so-distant future.

LUSH Bath Bomb Subscription
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The service is already a thing over in the States, if you didn’t know, and is 100% customisable, meaning you can pick what comes to your door and when.

LUSH Bath Bomb Subscription Scrubee
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All you have to do is go onto the website, click on “Order Subscription,” and decide how often you want it to arrive at your house. Every single non-limited edition product on the website will be available to order via subscription, meaning you can have a monthly box of bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, shower gels, jellies and face masks galore.

Well, that’s me never ever leaving the house again.

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