Stars Team Up For An Inconvenient Special


Stars like Steve Aoki and Camila Cabello are coming together to spread the word about the former Vice President Al Gore’s televised town hall discussion ‘An Inconvenient Special’ which will air on MTV on Aug. 2.

Focusing on a younger audience, Gore hopes to make an impact by opening up a crucial dialogue on MTV. “Young people are one of the greatest reasons for hope that we can and will solve the climate crisis, and I am thrilled to participate in An Inconvenient Special to listen to their ideas, hopes, and concerns, as well as learn about some of their amazing work on behalf of the planet,” Gore said in a statement commenting on the importance of the millennial voice.

With rapid changes already occurring in Miami, Steve Aoki and Camila Cabello have expressed their concerns via Twitter, demanding help for a place they call home.

The millennial generation has proven to be extremely passionate about the efforts of climate change and other political movements. With an overwhelming amount of debate on social media and numerous protests and marches, they’ve proven they stand up for what they believe in. While differing opinions from older generations may say otherwise, it’s a fact that the topic of climate change isn’t just a farce—it’s a real issue that should be discussed.

An Inconvenient Special will play a vital role in reaching more and more young adults by premiering on MTV, one of the most popular networks among millennials. “They’re ready to make a change and put us on the path to a sustainable future, and I have no doubt in my mind they will be the generation to do it,” Gore said, strongly believing that this growing group has the ability to make a true impact on the world.

Celebrities like Steve Aoki, Fat Joe and 17-year-old activist Delaney Reynolds will act as correspondents during the special, hopefully drawing much-needed attention on the issue.

An Inconvenient Special airs Wednesday, Aug. 2 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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