Why Little Mix are one of the best artists right now


Little Mix. WOW. There’s really nothing else I can say to describe how I’m feeling. Last night, I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Glory Days Tour’ in Melbourne. I just cannot express how amazing the entire thing was. I was so, so happy.

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I’ve always been a fan of the girls since their very first album. Their personalities are just so genuine, they’re always themselves and they’re all about girl power. I stan them all. Like, I just don’t understand how Little Mix aren’t taking over the world? Everyone needs to get woke and jump on this bandwagon before it’s too late. You won’t regret it.

If you didn’t already know, the ‘Glory Days’ album is one of my favourites from the girls. There are just so many good songs on there. I’ve jammed to each song at least twenty times (probably more, let’s be honest). So you could imagine how excited I was to be at their concert. I was blessed.

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I mean, the girls opened with ‘Power’. I was living. Tell me another empowering and epic song to open with, I’m waiting. They literally sang all of my favourite songs from the ‘Glory Days’ album and I couldn’t have been happier. Especially when ‘Touch’ came on. THAT SONG IS MY JAM, yes I will be standing up. Jokes, I was standing up the entire concert. I love how they blended the acoustic version of ‘Touch’ with the original. AMAZING.

Can I also take a moment to appreciate the girls’ outfits? ON POINT. They were all truly gorgeous and I fell in love even more. I couldn’t get enough. I needed more. And those harmonies, oh my gosh. Not many groups can do that. This is exactly why Little Mix are one of the best artists in the music industry. First and foremost, they can actually sing live. In fact, they sound even better live than on their album. It’s ridiculous.

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Secondly, they’re genuine and down-to-earth girls. It’s rare to come across musical artists who still remain real and actually respect their fans. Also, they aren’t problematic. There’s hardly any drama in the fandom and that’s because these girls are the best of friends and nothing is going to stop them from dominating the world.

Honestly, I cannot wait to see what LM5 have in store for us as I’m sure it’ll be a banger of an album. Here’s to the future, mixers. I’m so excited. Can’t wait for them to come back to Australia for another tour.

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