Which Olivia Rodrigo Sour music video are you?

It's brutal out here


Olivia Rodrigo may have only released five music videos so far (six if you include pre-Sour), but all of them are sensational. She skyrocketed to fame with her debut ‘drivers license‘ – an atmospheric power ballad with a dreamy bridge (and equally dreamy music video which is set in a car, of course.)

Then came ‘deja vu‘, in which Olivia continued the story by playing a character with a stalker-like obsession driving in Malibu. The details are visceral and feverish – “Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two / Watching re-runs of Glee, being annoying singing in harmony.”

She followed it up with yet another gear-change – ‘good 4 u’. The pop-punk sounding single proved her versatility, in case you didn’t think she was talented enough already. A horror movie inspired music video came alongside it, which saw Olivia channel her inner emo as a scorned cheerleader getting revenge.

‘brutal’ came next, a grunge-inspired teenage anthem that’s dripping with angst. Olivia is a Y2K queen in the music video, where she appears as an avatar in a video game. The rebellion ends with her climbing on top of a pink Cadillac in a crowded car park, as the other vehicles beep around her.

Now she’s dropped her latest music video ‘traitor‘. Before being a single, the song gained popularity through streaming and quickly cemented itself as a strong fan favourite from her debut album Sour. Olivia rocks pink hair in the camcorder style video, as she and her friends break into school at night to swim in the pool.

Find out which Olivia Rodrigo music video you are below!

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