How ‘Our World’ made me feel closer to Little Mix


I was pretty excited when the postman delivered a parcel to me earlier this week. I knew exactly what it was – Little Mix’s new autobiography, ‘Our World’. It’s just another exciting addition to the return of Little Mix as they return with a brand new single and album.

Autobiographies are perhaps my favourite genre of book as I love to learn more about people I’m interested in; musicians, actors, comedians, YouTubers,etc. so when I heard Little Mix were releasing this new one, following their previous book – ‘Ready to Fly’ – I just had to get it on preorder.

Its no surprise that it took me less than a day to finish the book. I was gripped on every chapter to learn more about Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie. In some books about young artists like Little Mix, you tend to get the life stories but anything that has been in the media such as rumours or incidents tend to get overlooked and not mentioned, but that wasn’t the case with these girls. From their personal struggles such as Jade’s anorexia and Jesy’s alopecia to relationships including Perrie and Leigh-Anne’s recent heartbreaks and the engagement of Jesy and her fiance, Jake, the girls don’t shy away from keeping it real and have nothing to hide.


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What I found heartwarming was the fact that the girls didn’t at all glorify the career they’re in – they kept it real, no sugarcoating the life they live – but evenly explaining the pros and cons of the busy and insane lives they now live post-‘X Factor’ days. There is a hard hitting reality when going from four teenage girls living regular working class lives in the UK to becoming the biggest girl band in the world and the girls are fairly open about that in their story, but are forever thankful for the opportunity they have been given from being on the show.

I love the fact that at no point did Little Mix talk down to their audience, as if they were superior to the reader, but in fact on the same level. Despite their high level of fame and fortune, they can identify as being normal young women who have gone through struggles that thousands, if not millions, of people in their age range have faced. Even girls considered the most beautiful, such as these four, who are forever looked up to by their fans, have insecurities and struggles, which is something they each discuss in this book. It was real, it was hard hitting and it made me feel closer to them than ever before.

Reading about their lives made me feel like I could relate to Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie as although we may have not travelled the exact same road of reality, there are definite topics discussed which I have been through. Some may expect someone on their level of fame to discuss the #PopstarProblems they face, but ‘Our World’ truly showcases four normal young women just living an abnormal life.

Overall, the book was extremely interesting and insightful to seeing the world through Little Mix’s eyes and realising that we as their fans aren’t all that different from the four-piece after all, which is possibly the greatest thing for a fanbase to realise and keep in mind. The book made me feel like I could look to the girls more like friends, people I would have been in school with, rather than feeling they are far superior to me, which is what some fellow fans may feel.

Little Mix’s ‘Our World’ is out now

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