JoJo: The return of a caged songbird


Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque better known to many as ‘JoJo’ released her first album in 10 years this past week, titled ‘Mad Love’. Before I go into detail, yes this album is really really good. But it’s more than that. This album celebrates the release of a person, a woman (once girl), a songbird, a talent that’s been kept at bay ever since her sophomore album ‘The High Road’ was released way back in 2006 when JoJo was just 16.


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JoJo’s label had kept her in a contract purgatory where she could not release stuff through the label but also not sign to another label. However JoJo, still created and shared her music to her loyal fans through covers, mixtapes and even did some appearances in films (GBF, what a film!) To the delight of fans JoJo was officials released from her contract with Blackground Records in January of 2014 and signed to Atlantic Records, from whom she’s just released her third studio album ‘Mad Love.’ this past week.


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Mad Love, a fusion of many types of love. From the love of a man, love of music, love of her deceased father, love of life. Mad Love is packed to the rim with unapologetic lyrics showing her growth from a teenager to a grown woman. Talking about sex, relationships, and her own body, JoJo has naturally matured her sound to fit what is selling now but also keeping some good old soul in it on tracks such as ‘Mad Love.’ and ‘I Am’.


Favourite Tracks

Like It – This song NEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to be a single. Very Selena Gomez’ ‘Good For You’ meets Rihanna’s ‘Skin’. A very soft bop which I can tell would be incredible live.

Mad Love. – The title track showcases JoJo’s incredible vocals and the production compliments it very well.

Good Thing – MNEK and JoJo on the same track? Music gold. If released in the UK this is sure to be a smash.


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