Wonho stars in the new music video for Ain’t About You featuring KIIARA

Wonho shares the ‘get over a breakup’ song that we didn’t know we needed


Multi-talented singer Wonho has released the highly anticipated music video for ‘Ain’t About You’, his collaboration song with multi-platinum American singer-songwriter KIIARA.

For the first time during his solo career, Wonho has teamed up with an American artist. KIIARA’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with Wonho’s, creating an addictive bittersweet breakup track; “You’re so hard to resist. A love that hurt like this. I wish it wasn’t hell. To love you more than you love yourself.”

The video matches and merge perfectly Wonho and KIIARA’s world with its sleek aesthetic and parallelism. Wonho presence and acting are dazzling and surely captures the viewers while he shows his fluid moves and drives around the city, singing “How you stay out till 4 am / How you can’t tell me where you’ve been”. His counterpart, KIIARA, simply raise the style bar so high with her sparkly gown, answering to Wonho’s rhymes.

In the video, we see an on and off relationship between Wonho and KIIARA, with the former avoids answering her calls while visibly annoyed and perturbed. The narrative can only lead us to think that in the end, heartbreak is unavoidable.

The song is indeed a musical treat. Wonho and KIIARA’s harmonisation paired with a bass-heavy pop beat is extremely catchy and you will find yourself suddenly singing the chorus without even noticing it.

‘Ain’t About You’ is one of the standout tracks from Wonho’s chart-dominating comeback album “Love Synonym #2: Right for Us”, which dropped in February. With this album, Wonho debuts five new singles on the World Digital Song Sales chart; within a few hours of its release, the album took over the #1 spot on the iTunes K-Pop Albums Chart, trended all over Twitter Worldwide, and peaked at #3 on the iTunes Pop Albums Charts.

Watch ‘Ain’t About You’

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