The Vamps’ Blossom Sessions are underway

The Vamps are releasing videos on their YouTube under the headline of Blossom Sessions, with a brand new one being uploaded last week.


If, like us, you’re a huge fan of British band The Vamps, then you already know that the four-piece released their fourth studio album, Cherry Blossom, last October. The album hit the No.1 spot in the UK and was their second album to do so.

Since releasing their album, The Vamps performed a virtual live show from the Hackney Round House and also took part in what they are calling the Blossom Sessions since August last year. The Blossom Sessions are an acoustic set where the band perform songs from their latest album in a pure and unplugged manner in stripped-back locations. The name of the sessions and the name of their album are very clearly linked.

The first song they performed acoustically in the Blossom Sessions had to, of course, be the lead single from the album, ‘Married In Vegas’. Following ‘Married In Vegas’ was the second single released from the album, ‘Chemicals’, which was then followed by ‘Nothing But You’ and ‘Better’. The most recent one that has been uploaded is ‘Would You’.

‘Nothing But You’ is the only song that’s been included in the Blossom Sessions that hasn’t had a separate music video released. You can check out the Blossoms Sessions playlist down below from The Vamps’ YouTube channel.

There are only five uploaded onto the playlist right now, but The Vamps are teasing more by releasing their fifth one, only last week. So there may be more Blossom Sessions to come!

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