The Vamps release music video for Would You

The British band finally dropped it on Easter Sunday.


After a long wait for fans and a few teaser videos, The Vamps dropped their new music video for ‘Would You’ on April 4.

This is their third music video that they have had to shoot under COVID-19 restrictions. The video starts off with the band’s logo dangling on a car’s rear-view mirror. Then Brad, The Vamps’ lead singer, appears. In between shots of two people in a car with the sun shining in, we start to see the other members of the band — Tristan first, then Connor, and then James.

Tristan is on the drums while Connor is on the bass and James on the guitar, once again proving to viewers that they play their own instruments. Tristan also used the video to debut his bold new purple and blue mullet.

A particular tree is featured constantly throughout the music video. If you’re a huge fan of The Vamps, then you already know what tree I’m going to give a special mention to. The tree — a cherry blossom — holds significance to the band, linking back to the name of their recent No. 1 album, Cherry Blossom. It also signals what the band called “a time of rebirth and new beginnings.”

By the end of the music video, the tree has lost all of its blossoms, subtly matching the lyrics. It signals that the person’s doubt has overtaken their original love.

Fans have been coming up with their own theories of why the music video was portrayed in the way it was. Brad was so impressed by this fan’s writing that he actually quoted her.

It’s been a few days since the music video came out, but fans are still holding onto it tightly. The wait and constant teasing certainly seemed to have been worth it!

The music video for ‘Would You’ was everything we’d hoped for. This era just keeps getting better and better for The Vamps. You can watch the video down below.

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