Niall Horan gets broody in his music video for ‘On The Loose’

Watch the singer drive around the L.A. desert, pining for his dream girl.


We’ve watched Zayn dodge cops in a high speed chase, seen Harry rush in with an army of puppies in the middle of an elementary school food fight—not to mention we’ve also witnessed Louis‘ epic partying and Liam‘s smooth dance moves in each of their music videos. Now it’s Niall’s turn to wow us with another head-turning visual. His new video for the groovy tune ‘On The Loose’ is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Visually appealing and definitely fulfilling all of our classic L.A. aesthetic dreams, ‘On The Loose’ follows an envious Niall, pining for a girl that lives life as freely as she can.

Niall shows off his best broody look, a side we don’t see very often from the former One Direction member. Usually his happy-go-lucky self, he works the camera exceptionally well and certainly gives Zayn a run for his money.

Niall thanked director Jake Jelicich, who has previously worked with Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix, for helping him put forth this desert dream video and bringing his “vision to life.”

Even fans had interesting takes on the video, proving that Niall perfectly captured the essence and vibe of the song.

In the meantime, Niall is currently preparing for his upcoming Flicker World Tour where he’ll travel all across Europe, U.S., Asia and South America alongside Julia Michaels and Maren Morris. If it’s anything like his intimate Flicker Sessions Tour from the past year, we’re sure in for a treat.

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