It’s Jesy Nelson’s birthday! Here are all her amazing solos from EVERY Little Mix album to celebrate


Today is a blessed moment in history as 26 years ago today, one-fourth of one of the biggest girl band was born. It’s Jesy Nelson’s birthday!

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There’s so much to praise and gush about Miss Nelson, but we thought it would be a good call to celebrate what’s got her to where she is today – her gorgeous singing voice. So, we’ve dug out some compilation videos of every single Jesy solo from all four Little Mix albums – you are so welcome.

Let’s take a memorable journey of the progression of the birthday girl’s incredible vocal chords.


Her solo from ‘DNA’ gives us literal chills.  Not to mention that bridge in ‘Stereo Soldier’. GODDAMN.


Jesy spilling words of wisdom in ‘Little Me’ sounds bloody amazing when she sings it and she reduced us to tears in ‘Towers’. Oh, and her opening verse of ‘Competition’? Yeah, we always feel fricking badass.

Get Weird

Just in case you were questioning whether or not her live vocals lived up to the studio version – they damn well do, sweetie. Her high part of ‘Love Me Like You’ is ICONIC and her solos in ‘Secret Love Song’ gives us chills.

Glory Days

On the latest album, our Jesy is all grown up! Her ‘Touch’ solo makes us feel incredibly sexy. In ‘Down & Dirty’, she makes us feel independent and full of worth and her part of ‘Power’ makes us feel… well… powerful!

And there you have it – a collection of Jesy’s incredible solos that have had us shook since 2012. Happy Birthday, Jesy!

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