James Arthur releases September music video

The hilarious video sees him venture into acting for the first time.


James Arthur is back with another heartfelt anthem! His latest track ‘September’ was released a couple of weeks ago after he teased it on social media, and fans begged him to put it out into the world.

Despite its name, the single is the perfect summer bop (and we’re so glad we didn’t have to wait until autumn to hear it).

“I stuck a little bit on my TikTok just to see if I was right and my instincts were right and this had a little bit of something special about it. The reaction was so good that we rethought our strategy a little bit. We thought let’s just go with the strongest songs to begin with,” James told Hits Radio.

The song sees James sing about battling demons, but finding a partner who sticks by him and helps him through it. He describes it as being about “the undeniable love you have for that person and wanting to start a family with them.”

The ‘September’ music video adds another dimension to the track as we see James venture into acting for the first time — something which he’s spoke about always wanting to do.

The story consists of him meeting his girlfriend’s mobster family for the first time, resulting in him getting roped into some sticky situations as he tries to impress them. It’s humorous and features some hilarious scenes, such as James attempting to casually dispose of a body but having to stop halfway through to vom.

‘September’ is the second single from James’ upcoming fourth studio album, following the lead single ‘Medicine’ which focused on his mental health struggles. He recently revealed the album’s title It’ll All Make Sense In The End and announced that it’ll be out this year on 8th October.

James is known for writing relatable songs about his personal life, and this new music might just be his most reflective yet. Being in lockdown over the past year meant he created the album in one place, with a smaller group of people, which enabled him to be more vulnerable than ever.

We can’t wait to hear it.

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