The best moments from Harry Styles’ Kiwi music video

Kids in Gucci suits, pastries and puppies—what more could you want?


Harry Styles dropped the music video for his next single ‘Kiwi’, and fans are going absolutely insane.

We didn’t know what to expect to accompany this high-energy song, but Harry never fails to surprise us with an unpredictable twist. Featuring children dressed in stylish suits identical to the singer’s, as well as pastries and puppies, Harry gave us the unexpected.

The fandom reacted in the best way possible, proving we’re all used to seeing Harry in random, wacky situations. It’s the type of ridiculousness we all love and adore the musician for.

There were many scenes throughout the video that are worth mentioning—the pastry-throwing food fight, Harry coming to the rescue at the end with an army of adorable puppies. The fierceness of the children and the outrageousness of the film made for some unforgettable (and gif-able) moments.

Like when one of the child stars hilariously said “What the fudge?” after a cupcake was launched towards him.

When the food fight starts to ensue, this adorable kid was just eating a cupcake, not caring that chaos was erupting around him.

Maybe the best moment overall is when Harry comes to the rescue with a whole litter of puppies—we have no idea the purpose for that, but we’re a sucker for baby animals.

Or when Harry aided this girl with a cupcake grenade and cutely covered the pup’s head to protect it, something we can all relate to.

Perhaps the number one moment that made us all laugh out loud was when Harry’s scoping out the damage that’s been done and spots a kid with his comrade’s head in his lap, crying like he’s the victim of a gruesome attack on the battlefield.

The last shot is probably the most iconic—Harry giving his signature smirk, most likely reveling in the fact that he provided us with the most absurd but hilarious music video yet.

While the video isn’t what many had envisioned for the rock track, it’s everything that Harry’s about—wholesome, pure, lighthearted and fun.

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