Review: MAX, ROZES, and Amir at Brighton Music Hall, Boston

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After releasing his hit song ‘Lights Down Low’ featuring gnash just last year, MAX got back on the road to begin the Meteor Tour with opening acts ROZES and Amir. A large group of his extremely dedicated and passionate fanbase came to support him at the Brighton Music Hall, leaving it anything but empty on November 7, 2017 in Boston.

Amir, a talented solo act, started off the show by playing some original songs as well as covers. He performed his own rendition of ‘Unforgettable’ by French Montana, and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed his soulful remix of the track. Although some were not familiar with his music, he made the crowd feel as though they had been listening to his music for years. Many of his songs were easy to catch on to and had the crowd subconsciously nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the beat. His solo act included very well-produced backing tracks, unique time changes, and even soloing on the guitar.

Shortly after Amir’s half hour set, ROZES took the stage and instantly had the crowd screaming with excitement. It became evident that fans knew exactly who she was and were eager to see her perform some of their favorite songs. Originally running up the stairs to the stage wearing a long leopard fur coat and heels, ROZES soon after ditched them for her mysterious black jumpsuit and decided to go barefoot. Full of energy and always wearing a smile on her face, she constantly kept the crowd engaged and wanting to hear more. The multitalented ROZES also showed off her drumming skills as her drummer played the guitar during one of her songs.

max rozes amir brighton music hall boston 1Her new single ‘Famous’ had the crowd jumping and singing the lyrics back to her within seconds. A major highlight of her performance was when she announced she would be singing her chart topping hit with the Chainsmokers ironically titled ‘Roses’. Phone flashlights immediately went up, people of all ages danced like there was no tomorrow, and voices screaming the lyrics overpowered the whole sound system. ROZES’ constant energy, dancing, and positive vibes added to her incredible overall performance that ultimately got the crowd even more excited for the headlining act.

MAX took the stage shortly after by entering with a flip that had the crowd screaming louder than anything else in the room. In case you are unsure who MAX is, he is a 23-year-old musician and actor originally from Hell’s Kitchen in New York City with a passion for music and making his fans happy. His most famous tracks, ‘Lights Down Low’ and ‘Gibberish’, have been heard constantly on the radio and featured on music charts. Full of constant energy, smiling from ear-to-ear, and working every inch of the stage, MAX made sure each and every fan present knew that they mattered and he appreciated them being at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston to see him.

It’s clear his overall purpose as an artist is to make music his fans enjoy and truly want to listen to. Money is the last thing MAX cares about, and this was evident without him saying a single word. He mentioned that he didn’t care how his fans listened to his music, even if it was illegally, as long as they were listening. MAX made sure the crowd was involved by constantly moving and giving each and every corner of the stage his attention. He put his all into every song he performed with no shortage of sweat dripping down his face, but his fans didn’t mind at all. Some hardcore fans who have been supporting him since the beginning were in the crowd, and he made sure to wave to each one of them after shouting out his “OG” group of fans. There was no shortage of dancing, running around, and interacting with the audience during this show.

Known for his incredibly soulful covers on YouTube and chart-topping originals like ‘Gibberish’, MAX put on a show that fans just couldn’t look away from. Even for those who were unfamiliar with his music, MAX played two covers to keep everyone involved. ‘Miss Jackson’ had the whole place singing at the top of their lungs and bopping up and down to its beat. Slowing it down, he asked if everyone would remain silent as he took out his ukulele to play ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. This was the perfect cover choice, since his crowd was full of people of all ages.

MAX’s songs were easy to catch on to, and the crowd’s energy was more powerful than many other shows I have experienced. The audience undeniably fed off of his energy, and suddenly the room was filled with positive and uplifted individuals. This made Brighton Music Hall the perfect, intimate setting for a performance done by such a genuine and energized person like MAX.

Catch MAX, ROZES, Amir, and more on the Meteor Tour:

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