Camila Cabello’s music video for ‘Crying in the Club’ has us feeling all sorts of emotions


Ever since her departure from Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has kept us all on our toes. She’s had a few feature singles, which is something we’ve been used to since OT5, but having now released her first fully solo single, announcing her debut solo album and dropping the ‘Crying in the Club’ music video, there are a lot of emotions to feel right now.

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The music video actually begins with a twist, as she performs a bonus track ‘I Have Questions’ that she announced earlier this week. Camila shows emotional signs of betrayal by someone she once trusted before deciding to dancing away her blues, which is the absolute appropriate way to deal with negative emotions.

As she arrives to the club, Camila is quite literally sealed in a glass case of emotion while the party takes place in her surrounding. Even though it’s symbolic of her fragile emotional feelings, Camila still manages to look pretty damn amazing as she gets her groove on within her own confined space.

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It seems as though clubbing and letting your hair down is a wonderful remedy for curing sadness as she finally breaks free by breaking out of the glass case and strutting her stuff like the bad mama she truly is.

Watch Camila’s ‘Crying in the Club’ music video below.

If you’re in love with the single as much as UBP HQ, then you’ll be ecstatic to find out that Miss Cabello will be making her television debut of the single, co-written by Sia, at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday 21st May.

Camila Cabello’s single ‘Crying in the Club’ is out now.

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