Liam Payne reveals the truth about THAT controversial 1D lyric


So, Liam has dropped his debut single ‘Strip That Down‘ with Quavo and it’s a JAM, but so many fans are feeling pretty concerned about one particular lyric regarding One Direction…

“You know I used to be in 1D (now I’m out free)” really knocked fans’ confidence of everything being A-OK, which you know, is a valid concern, especially when tabloids love to twist reality a bit. But was the Liam Payne 1D lyric actually a hit against the band?

Speaking to Z100 in New York, Liam was asked to clarify the second half of that line as the radio DJ couldn’t quite understand it and he finally gave us the truth: “It says ‘now I’m out free’ but it means within the term that we spoke about, the fact that everyone is now free to do their own thing in music and explore music. I was worried that people would take it negatively but it’s not meant to be in that sense at all because none of us left the band, we’re on hiatus still.”

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There. Now you know that fact, you are free to enjoy ‘Strip That Down’ to the fullest and make the most of solo 1D. The Liam Payne 1D lyric mystery has been solved.

The whole interview was pretty interesting; from writing with Ed Sheeran, the joys of parenthood and the time he, Harry, Niall, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift came together in musical harmony was pretty interesting to hear about, so give it a listen below…


The only thing I’m annoyed about is how Liam has lost his Brummy accent. Get your backside back to Wolverhampton ASAP, young man, because it’s weird not hearing it.

Are you glad that the 1D lyric isn’t full of shade? Tweet us @UnitedByPop your thoughts now that the controversy has been brought to light…

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