How TikTok impacts the music industry

Many underground musicians are using TikTok to be discovered following the attention TikTok songs receive from the radio.


TikTok has become a popular video-sharing app amongst teenagers and young adults for trends, jokes, concert videos, and dances. It’s a revamped Vine, an app that looped funny videos that became a staple for pop culture. Celebrities like David Dobrik, Shawn Mendes, and Liza Koshy developed a platform on the once-popular app. Vine was removed from the App Store in 2016, and since then, Vine-lovers have begged for it to return. Two years later, TikTok released worldwide and is one of the top three apps on the AppStore.

The one thing that makes TikTok different from the previous video-sharing apps is its ability to use sounds over the creator’s original audio. Whether it’s a popular song that trended with a dance, sad music, or someone else talking, sounds trend and are used more frequently, ultimately becoming a trend. TikTok songs like “Savage Love,” “Moral of the Story,” and “Supalonely” gained attention from radio after looping millions of times on the app and became recognized on Billboard’s charts. These songs receive consistent radio play; no matter the time or station, TikTok songs are playing back to back and being sung by millions of Americans a day.


first time on radio :.) #moralofthestory #psistillloveyou #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – yourmomashe

Not only are TikTok songs trending on the radio, but underground artists are using the platform to be discovered. Award-winning artist, Lil Nas X, was discovered on TikTok after his song, “Old Town Road” went viral and got played on radio stations across America before becoming Billboard’s top song of 2019. Smaller artists are looking up to his success and view TikTok as a way to be discovered in the music industry. With a quick search on TikTok, thousands of talented, unsigned artists are promoting their music and singing their hearts out with hopes someone in the music industry will discover them.

Whether they’re hoping that their cover of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” will go viral or their original song will trend on the “For You” page and eventually the radio, many creators are hoping for their big break like Shawn Mendes did on Vine and Lil Nas X did on TikTok.


Haven’t sang this in a minute #4u #singing #oceaneyes

♬ original sound – _adamdenton_

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