Susan Lee’s playlist for her new YA rom-com, The Name Drop

Listen to the sound of The Name Drop by Susan Lee

This post was written by Susan Lee, author of The Name Drop.

Truthfully, when I’m writing, I never have a playlist of music because, well, I don’t listen to any! 🙂 I usually have my headphones on to block out any other sound lest I get distracted. Nature sounds…those are about the only things I can write with. But I’ll spare you the playlist of “Trickling Brook”, “Spring Rain”, and “Frogs Mating” ((?) ha!). Instead, I’ve put together some songs I think encapsulate the feel of THE NAME DROP…the excitement of a first time in New York, summer crushes that go both ways, new experiences & friendships, broken hearts…happily ever afters…

• Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keys (feat. Jay-Z)

• I Don’t Know You – The Rose

• Cool With You – NewJeans

• Let’s Not Fall in Love – Big bang

• Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN


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• Love Sight – TXT (OST: Doom At Your Service)

• Just One Day – BTS

• Eight – IU (feat. Suga)

• I Miss You – Mamamoo

• Answer: Love Myself – BTS

• Shout Out – ENHYPEN

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