Sum 41’s tour is an ex-scene kid’s dream

Sum 41 is celebrating the 15th anniversary of their sophomore album Does This Look Infected? with a new tour that no former scene kid should miss.


Every time festival season comes around, I dream about all of my favorite early-2000s bands joining together to play their early-2000s albums in the most epic early-2000s emo revival festival ever known.

Think Green Day, blink-182, Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, the All American Rejects…

It’s a big dream, I know.

But I think, somehow, fueled by the combined power of every eyeliner pencil I abused from 2000-2009, my emo fantasies reached Canada. Sum 41 heard my prayers and launched an anniversary tour of their 2002 album, ‘Does This Look Infected?’.

Alarmingly — to me at least — that album came out over 15 years ago. But nothing says “let’s do an anniversary tour” like a decade and a half. (Just a reminder, Brendon Urie, I expect a similar tour in 2020 for ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’.)

On the tour, Sum 41 plays all 12 songs from ‘Does This Look Infected?’. The band also includes two songs from their 2001 debut album ‘All Killer No Filler’ — because try and name a more iconic early-2000s hit than ‘Fat Lip’ or ‘In Too Deep’. The 20-song set actually ends with this pair of bangers, bless.

Beyond their early-2000s success, Sum 41’s sixth album ’13 Voices’ dropped in October 2016 and reached the ninth spot on the Billboard Top Albums Chart.

On this current tour, the Canadian pop-punk group is supported by Super Whatevr from Costa Mesa, California. Skyler McKee, the face of Super Whatevr, says, “All my songs are happy. They have a sad tone, but it’s all in a positive manner. I want to help people grow and be vulnerable. If it’s got to be dark, then it’s going to be dark. It doesn’t hurt me, because I know it’s going to help me grow and help other people grow.”

Watch the music video for Super Whatevr’s single ‘Telelelevision‘.

super whatevr
Photo Credit: Anthony Purcella

Get your tickets to see Sum 41 and Super Whatevr on the Does This Look Infected? 15th Anniversary Tour now. And sharpen those eyeliner pencils.

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