The Driver Era team up with Smallpools for a new remix

The two alternative pop bands have teamed up to create their own remixes of each other's songs.


The alternative pop duo are back at it again with a new remix of their song that only came out on April 2nd. The Driver Era teamed up with the indie-pop band Smallpools for an exclusive remix of their song ‘OMG Plz Don’t Come Around’. The original version of the song is chilled out, and — unless you looked into the lyrics — you wouldn’t know that it is about a toxic relationship.

‘OMG Plz Don’t Come Around’ was given a new cover with the Smallpools logo over the top for the new remix. As soon as the remix begins, it gives off very different vibes to the original. It sounds almost like it’s from the 80s, and it 100% would be great for a club sound. Smallpools took out the backing vocals from the original, and put more music to the song so it is much more of a song to dance around to.

The one criticism is that the remix is undoubtedly shorter in length than the original version of the song. Personally, this is one of my favourite remixes The Driver Era have ever released. You can listen to the remix here.

Not only did this remix happen, but the bands then swapped roles and Smallpools announced that The Driver Era had remixed their recent single ‘slowdown’. Again, the artwork of the song was updated to have The Driver Era’s name along it.

With the original version of ‘slowdown’ only being released recently as well, it is a relatively new track for the Smallpools trio. The original is quite a fast-paced song that you could dance to. The Driver Era remixed to a much more slowed down and chilled out version, and you can tell that just from listening to the beginning of each song. I’d never listened to Smallpools before these two remixes came out, but ever since, I’ve been listening to them quite a bit and they are definitely a new indie-pop band to look out for. You can listen to the ‘slowdown’ remix here.

Rocky Lynch from The Driver Era also posted some exciting news on Instagram yesterday, alerting fans that there would be new music from the brothers on 10th July. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled on their socials for more info coming soon.

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