RM shows his truest and rawest self with new album Indigo

BTS’ leader’s brand-new album is out and it’s a great gift for that ARMY friend this Christmas


ARMYs already had December 2nd marked on their calendars! They were counting the days until Indigo’s release. Indigo is BTS RM’s brand-new album, full of amazing artists and showing a very raw version of the BTS leader.

The main track is called ‘Wild Flower‘ and features the amazing Korean rock singer Youjeen. The single shows the dark side of fame, how overwhelming and tiring it can be and how you’re not able to live up to your true self, being scared of what people may think when they see the real you. Vulnerable and powerful that’s how I’d describe this track, that is my favorite by the way. Younjeen’s powerful vocals with RM’s honest lyrics in his deep voice can easily capture you and make you dive into the meaningful message in the song. The movie video is a masterpiece and conveys the whole message so well!

Now back to the album, we are going track by track, starting with Yun with Erykah Badu, an American singer-songwriter who we can only describe as an icon herself. Yun is named after RM’s favorite artist Yun Hyong-Keun and reflects the rapper’s thoughts and feelings through the artist’s works. “I wanna be a human before I do some art” as RM explains in an interview means that behind a nice song there’s a human first and that’s the important part in each and every work of art.

RM performed the song live at the NPR Tiny Desk that was released today and the singer Eryka Badu left a heart-warming message to the rapper! You can check both below:

Another brand new song performed at the Tiny Desk was ‘Still Life’, the second track in the album featuring Anderson Paak, who became a good BTS friend to all of the members. About the song RM said on the Weverse livestream: “Going around museums around the world I found lots of art with the title “still life”, there was a time when it really hit me, why they’re called still life, what am I gonna choose, life or death? I’m still life”. This track hits differently when RM sings “Life is better than the death, I’ll prove it”, how powerful and moving a single message can be, he’s definitely touching some wounded souls and saying “Are you with me in this still life?”

The third track is called ‘All Day’ and RM invited Tablo from Epik High, who said in an interview that didn’t even open the song RM had sent him, all he did was say “Let’s do this”. A subtle diss track to all those who called BTS’ fans robots and proclaimed their success was unnatural, to all the haters! The wordplay from both rappers is pure fire and complement each other’s rap so well. Tablo has been showing BTS support for years now and it’s amazing to see both worlds, Epik High’s and BTS’, colliding to create great music together.

‘Forg_tful’ is the fourth track in Indigo and it featured Kim Sawol, a Korean singer-songwriter. RM explained on the Weverse live stream that his friends are always asking how he can forget things so easily all the time so he began to wonder why he is so forgetful, that’s how the song came to life, fitting his personality really well. He also performed the song during the live stream, you can check it out below:


The next track is ‘Closer’ with Paul Blanco, a Korean-Canadian singer, producer and rapper and Mahalia, a jamaican-british singer-songwriter and actress. This song is probably my second favorite and it shows a more romantic side of the rapper. All the voices blend so well in the song and the whole track passes a dreamy vibe and I can only describe it as addicting.

After ‘Change’ featuring Wale, all the way back in 2017, the rapper decided it was time for a part 2 and added it to Indigo. ‘Change pt.2′ is rapped mostly in English and it reflects RM’s old self and old experiences and how everything has changed. It’s not a continuation to the first Change as he explained on the live stream, but the name was inevitable because it repeats on the lyrics so many times. One way or another, this track is as good as the one from 2017.

The next track is called ‘Lonely’ and RM said about it: “I wrote Lonely in the hotel in Las Vegas. I really do hate hotels a lot. The reason I went around too much looking for museums so much was because I hate hotels. I wanted Indigo to have this drive song kind of feeling and this song seems to have that feel the most”. So the track is a perfect car ride song and you can totally tell it by the vibe.

With South Korean singer-songwriter Colde, ‘Hectic’ is all about how busy and hectic life as a superstar can be and how difficult it is to connect to life itself in a more sensible and tranquil way. He even connects this song to seoul (prod. HONNE) in his EP mono when he sings “we still love and hate this city”.

The last track is ‘No.2’ with Park Jiyoon, a South Korean singer. This song feels like a warm hug from yourself to a younger version of you, telling that everything is going to be alright in the future, there’s no need to look back and all you have to do is to protect this version of you. A perfect ending to a perfect album.

RM had a lot to share on the live stream, but the most important part of it was definitely the part he said: “now this album isn’t mine, once the album comes out, it’s up to the listeners, so I don’t want to stick words on it anymore and want to leave the empty space to your guys (for your interpretation)”. (from @BTStranslation_)

Here’s the way to Indigo in case you want to check it all the tracks out:

Christmas is almost knocking at our doors! How about gifting Indigo to that ARMY friend? Or maybe giving yourself the gift that is this album? Whatever you choose, I hope you give your ears and soul a chance to listen to this album and enjoy it as much as I am right now!

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