Review: Lily Allen at Paradise Rock Club, Boston

The 'Smile' singer entertained fans with both old and new tunes during her tour stop in Boston.


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Lily Allen completely took over Boston on October 24 during her sold-out show at Paradise Rock Club.

With fans of all ages present and a crowd full of undeniable energy, the ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ singer knew just how to connect with the audience in front of her, and it went way beyond the music. Although the audience was full of hundreds of people, it felt as though Lily was talking to every attendee one-on-one at times. The performance was intimate and light-hearted, but most importantly, it was full of energy.

Lily’s setlist included some of her greatest hits as well as songs off of her most recent album ‘No Shame’, which came out this year. Some of her greatest hits, including ‘F*ck You’ and ‘Smile,’ instantly had the crowd belting the lyrics at the top of their lungs and dancing with the people next to them. The many different vibes and the evolution of her sound were interesting to see performed live. It also indirectly portrayed how versatile she is within the music industry.

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Fans of the popular singer were lucky to see her perform, because — although she put on a great show — she was sick and could have easily canceled this performance. Despite the pain her throat and vocal cords must have been battling, she still danced like no one was watching and cracked jokes from the beginning of the show to the end. Lily’s unique personality shined through, even during brief conversations in between songs; it’s just one of the many things that fans of hers admire. Her personality is sassy, sarcastic, and even a little unfiltered in the greatest way possible. She’s entertaining in more ways than one.

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Lily knows exactly how to work a stage and cater to both sides of one. The ‘Smile’ singer was able to be seen by everyone in the audience, proving her dedication to her fans. Between performing on stage while sick, continuing to still speak and tell stories, and putting on an incredible show full of dancing and entertainment, her tour is definitely not one any music fan should miss.

She closed out her concert in Boston with ‘F*ck You’ and left the crowd even more pumped up than they were when the show began.

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