Review: Manila Killa and Petit Biscuit at Paradise Rock Club, Boston

Following Manila Killa's opening set, French electronic producer and DJ Petit Biscuit took the stage in Boston to perform some of his greatest hits.


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Accompanied by both visually and aesthetically pleasing stage production, Petit Biscuit took the stage in Boston for his Presence fall tour on October 23 to perform a sold-out show in front of some of his most dedicated fans.

Known for his single ‘Sunset Lover’, Petit Biscuit is a French DJ and producer with over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and an impressive collection of electronic music. The established producer and musician is only 18 years old and has already been entertaining crowds for over three years now.

Fans took their spots at Paradise Rock Club and prepared themselves for a night full of dancing, jamming out, and appreciation. The lights went down and the Presence Tour began with an extremely high energy performance from the Filipino music producer and DJ, Manila Killa. The electronic music producer played remixes of some of the most popular songs from the last few years and instantly connected with the crowd full of young adults. It was effortless for Manila Killa to get into his music and display his talent of creating sound on stage in front of hundreds of people listening. This opening act was the perfect choice to lead up to Petit Biscuit.

When the stage was clearly set and the production appeared on stage for Petit Biscuit, fans of the DJ screamed until they couldn’t scream anymore. He appeared on stage, grateful for the sold-out crowd that showed up to see him. He took time between songs and after stages of the show to put his hands together as if he was praying, his head bowed down to silently thank everyone there without words.

Fans danced and waved their hands in the air to each and every song from start to finish. The audience was undeniably loyal tp Petit Biscuit’s music as if they had memorized every beat. The ‘Sunset Lover’ DJ and the crowd in front of him fed off of each other’s energy throughout the night, the artist-to-fan connection proving that music without words can still connect with people and their emotions. It also created a community for the entirety of the set. Everyone was in sync, and it was a time to simply listen and take in the creation of music happening right on stage.

petit biscuit paradise rock club boston review

Aside from using different mixers and tools for electronic production, Petit Biscuit also wowed the crowd by playing instruments on stage as well. He performed with his guitar and also knows how to play cello and piano. Between picking up a guitar to add to his stage presence, and switching back and forth between different electronic production equipment, it was clear to audience members that Petit Biscuit is a multi-talented artist and genuinely connected to the music he creates.

The crowd may have left the Presence Tour with a loss of energy from dancing, but they were anything but unsatisfied with the show that was put on by the incredible Petit Biscuit.

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