Ralph is Scary Hot in new music video

For her upcoming EP 222, Ralph is teasing us already with her new single


It’s getting hot in here… with Toronto-based artist Ralph and her brand new single ‘Scary Hot’. A tune that perfectly fits for everyone’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ playlist, because ‘Scary Hot’ is a song that’s full with funky and steamy elements. With that, Ralph is showing what she has in her to become the next big thing in the music industry.


In case you didn’t know, Ralph might be your new favourite pop diva. Her new single ‘Scary Hot’ is great evidence for that. It’s a great mix of pop diva vibes, with funky and sexy beats. In the music video that’s directed by Arden Grier, you see Ralph playing between the lines of pain and pleasure. Or just basically: A fight in a queer club where everyone ends up making out. With lyrics such as ”You said that you would never date a diva” and ”Turns out… you like the taste of Libra.” Can we exactly hear why Ralph is so authentic, the song is not only sexy; it’s a bit flirty as well. She just truly shows who she is, and we definitely think this will be one for a party on a hot summer night.

The song itself was cowritten by Devon Cole and produced by Michael Goldchain. Ralph says about the track: ”I was in the mood to write something flirty and a little uncensored, and Devon was like YASSS – I told them about a sexy night I had in a car with my girlfriend and this song emerged. ‘Scary Hot’ is also the first time I’ve explicitly mentioned my queerness in a song, since I’ve mostly sung about men in the past. It feels exciting to show this side of me in a way that feels fun and natural, and the music video also reflects that.”

On June 30th Ralph will release her brand new EP 222 — which we expect to be full with bops. Make sure to follow the pop diva on Instagram and Twitter for more!

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