Niall Horan is taking you on The Show of a lifetime

After having exclusively listened to Niall's upcoming album The Show already, we are nothing but impressed


We are in the second week of June and what we all have been waiting for is finally here: It is Niall Horan album release week! From Friday 9 June 2023 The Show will be available everywhere and fans of the star can officially put years of waiting and speculating behind them. Niall’s last big project, his sophomore solo album Heartbreak Weather, was released in March 2020, unluckily only days before the whole world more or less stopped as the first COVID-19 lockdown became a reality. For Niall this meant cancellation of album promo interviews and events, as well as the Nice To Meet Ya tour that was scheduled to take place just later that same year. In other words, both the man himself and his fans have had no choice but to stay patient.

I was so lucky that I personally got my waiting time for this highly anticipated third album shortened, as I got the opportunity to listen to the entirety of it pre-release. This was possible thanks to one of the many listening parties that were held for The Show earlier this week. Early on Wednesday morning we took the train from London up to Birmingham for what was going to be one of my most unique experiences listening to new music maybe ever.

We arrived at the music and entertainment retailer where the listening event was going to be held excited and not really sure what to expect. As the shop was due to close for the day for uninvited guests, we were directed to another entrance by the staff. And just like that, we were first in line. The few hours of waiting in the sun went by super quickly, and before we knew it, it was time to go in. Our names got checked off the list and phones were sealed in a plastic bag to avoid any temptation and confidential leaks happening. We were led to an area inside the shop closed off with barriers. These actually had to be moved multiple times to make the space bigger, as the staff had underestimated just how many people that were going to be there. Fans were sitting down wherever there was space: on sofas, on chairs or even on the floor. It ended up being quite packed and when everyone was seated, all that remained was for the staff to press play on The Show.

As the first song and lead single “Heaven” started playing, fans immediately started excitedly singing along. Despite both me and my friend having been to listening parties before, the vibe and atmosphere that builds up during an event like that is something I still struggle putting into words. It is truly something so special and extraordinary that it simply just has to be experienced. After “Heaven” followed “If You Leave Me”, the first new song of the day. With quite a different sound, it left a lot of the fans present stunned. Then it was already time for “Meltdown”, Niall’s second and last single. Fans immediately went back to singing along. I very quickly made the conclusion that picking those two songs as the singles to be released before the full album comes out, really couldn’t have been a smarter and more safe decision. While giving fans an idea of what they can expect from The Show, it simultaneously gatekeeps the biggest surprises and twists in the album, keeping the listeners on their toes.

I would definitely say the overall sound of this album is more mature and brave. While it reminds me of both Heartbreak Weather and Niall’s debut solo album Flicker to some extent, it is also incredibly unique. Without giving away too much, there seems to be a lot of guitar and experimenting going on, with other instruments and effects as well. I definitely think The Show portrays Niall’s wide range conceptually, musically and vocally better than ever with its many high notes and new waters being dipped into. Although the songs differ a lot, they somehow still fit into the same project perfectly, creating a good mix with an overall incredibly big hit potential. The last song in particular, “Must Be Love”, screams hit of the summer more than anything. “Science” seems to be another fan favourite.

Niall has really outdone himself with this album, and it is clear he has come to stay. With some similarities to artists like The Weeknd and Taylor Swift, there is definitely a song for everyone on The Show. Despite the from time to time sad lyrics Niall has additionally somehow managed to impressively keep an overall happy and hopeful sound to it, creating just the bigger fundament for a summer hit.
Basically, if there is one thing one can do when pressing play on The Show, it is to expect the unexpected as it feels just like that: a show. And, as Niall himself sings: God only knows where this could go…!

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