New Hope Club add a festive twist to their first and only gig of 2020

New Hope Club played their very first gig of the year this weekend, and it will be their only gig of the year. The Christmas show was live-streamed from Indigo at the O2.


New Hope Club’s first show of 2020 was streamed this weekend as the trio played live from Indigo at the O2. Fans had to buy a ticket to watch the show and it was streamed at 6pm UK time but was able to be re-watched for 24 hours so fans across the world could watch.

Not only was there a general ticket option, but fans also had the option to buy a VIP ticket such as the ones New Hope Club usually release for their normal tours. The VIP ticket included access to the soundcheck and a Q&A, which is exactly what fans would usually get in a New Hope Club VIP. Luckily, I managed to get my hands on this ticket.

Blake, Reece and George performed ‘You & I’ and their own Christmas song, ‘Whoever He Is,’ in their soundcheck before answering several questions from eager fans. Reece and Blake confessed that they still get fresh Christmas pyjamas, then they all talked through what each of their Christmas Days looks like, with George admitting that he waits till the afternoon to open the majority of his presents. They told fans that they’d spent around 16 hours rehearsing for this show and that it should be a hint of what’s to come on their tour next year. You can listen to their original Christmas song down below.

Once the actual concert started, there was a certain noticeable difference from a typical New Hope Club show — and that was that there was a drum kit and a keyboard on the stage. The bands’ tour manager, Ben Everest, played the drums for the band as they played their normal instruments.

They incorporated a few Christmas songs into their setlist such as ‘Step Into Christmas’, ‘Last Christmas’ and even mashed up ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Hey Jude’ as Blake played the keyboard, and of course their original Christmas song ‘Whoever He Is’. George’s keyboard skills also came in useful as he played it for a few songs too. Reece then took a turn on the drums as they sang one of their album tracks ‘Give Me Time’. In total, they sang twelve songs; three covers and nine of their own songs, including singing their single ‘Worse’ for the first time live.

The New Hope Club show was definitely worth the year wait, and if any more of their shows have to be through a screen, then it definitely is worth getting a ticket again! Personally, it was one of my favourite online concerts I’ve seen this year.

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