It’s been two years since Maggie Rogers released her debut album Heard It in a Past Life

Let's be real, this album has no skips whatsoever.


It feels like yesterday when we all listened to this amazing record for the first time.

Believe it or not, it’s actually been two years since the release of Maggie Rogers’s debut album Heard It in a Past Life.

Before Maggie released her debut album, she only had an EP to her name, Now That The Light Is Fading. Released in 2017, this EP included the songs “Dog Years” and “On + Off” — but it was the lead single “Alaska” that truly showcased Maggie’s talents.

If you didn’t know, the moment that put Maggie and her song “Alaska” on everyone’s radar was when she played this song for Pharrell Williams at a Masterclass that was being held at her school. His reaction is priceless, and the moment became viral.

If you haven’t seen the video, take a look!

Fast forward to 2019, when Maggie released her debut album Heard It in a Past Life. The thing that makes this record such a good one is that not only is it a personal one for Maggie herself, but it’s one that was crafted delicately.

Though it took two years for this album to be completed, the wait was worth it. Maggie brings three singles from her EP onto this album, but it’s songs like “Light On” and “Back In My Body” that truly showcase her talent.

Here I’m adding my favorite performances of these songs for you to watch that I think really show how much of an amazing artist and performer Maggie is.

“Light On” deals with the intense transition of once having a private life to now being in the public eye, and “Back In My Body” is a candid discussion on anxiety and what it’s like to feel out of touch with yourself but eventually finding your way back.

Heard It in a Past Life is all about reflection, gratitude, and vulnerability, and you hear this throughout the entirety of the album. That’s what makes it so special.

Maggie’s album Heard It in a Past Life is available to stream.

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