James Bay takes over the Orpheum Theatre for his Electric Light Tour


Fans from all over came to see the ‘Let It Go’ singer and although it was a Sunday night, they made it feel like the start to a weekend. It was a contagious energy that was difficult to escape and with songs from both his old and new album, he excited the crowd with a plethora of vibes by balancing slow tracks with more upbeat tunes.

The connection between Bay and the audience was definitely admirable. They knew every word. When Bay stepped an inch away from the microphone for a breath, the crowd picked up right where he left off to sing at a volume arguably louder than the sound system. Between powerful guitar solos from the singer and an audience determined to be a part of the show by stomping, clapping and singing along at the top of their lungs, this tour stop was anything but quiet and lowkey.  

James Bay BostonBay swiftly transitioned from song to song with several guitar changes, but his connection with the crowd remained constant. The passion for the music by both Bay and the audience in front of him was undeniable. He was invested in putting on a memorable show and leaving everything on stage when it was over…and he did just that. It was a packed venue and after the show, it was not a mystery why.

The visuals of this tour were phenomenal as well. With intricate and bold lighting that fans were desperate to capture on camera, Bay’s stage production was over the top in the most satisfying way possible. The combination of his powerful performance and the aesthetic he presented made every song even more exciting than the one before and also seemingly new to the crowd.

The ‘Peer Pressure’ singer is infectious and effortlessly captivating. You can try to take your eyes off of him while he is performing, but I am not quite sure you’ll find success. He’s confident and talented in a unique way and fans were enjoying every second of it. If one thing is for certain, Bay is beyond ecstatic to perform and be on tour and if you see one of his shows, you will not be disappointed.

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