Sibling band We Three talks Lifeline, touring, and more


We Three, consisting of members Bethany, Joshua and Manny, are not only a three-piece band and powerhouse but also siblings.

After being raised in a family with intense musical ability, the group auditioned (and undeniably shined in the public eye) on ‘America’s Got Talent’. During their time on the show, they managed to record original music for their self-titled album, which was released in December of 2018, and since then the success has only continued.

We Three are now are on tour doing what they love most while continuing to make music for their dedicated fans. In an interview with United by Pop, the band opens up about tour, collaborations, and more.

Since you’re siblings, how has it been to grow up with the people you’re also making music with and to be able to live out the dream with them too?

Bethany: I think sometimes, honestly, we don’t realize how good we have it. Lots of people are like: ‘Siblings? You do this together?’ We hear different stories from people and some can’t work with their siblings. It’s not something we necessarily planned…the stars aligned that way. There are sacrifices you make when you do work with family, but we feel like the moments on stage [and] when we sing make everything worth it and that this is just what we love to do.

What can you tell us about the self-titled album that dropped in December? How does it feel to have that out for the public to listen to and enjoy?

Manny: Oh my god, we were beyond excited to have everyone hear this music! It was a crazy time making it because we were on America’s Got Talent and we were flying to Los Angeles and [then] we’d fly right back and go into the studio, work until two in the morning making this record [and] then fly to Los Angeles the next day. It was nuts, but it was so fun! We think the craziness just really brought out some special moments on that record.

B: Yeah! There was some magic that happened in the studio that summer. It was an insane experience. We hadn’t pushed ourselves that hard in a long time.

M: We worked with an amazing producer! I don’t know if we could have done what we did without him because he’s just as crazy as we are. I don’t know if there’s many other people that I can spend up to 10 hours in a small room creating music with other than that guy.

What is the songwriting and overall song creating process like for you guys? Is there a formula for it or does it happen naturally with who writes the lyrics and comes up with the instrumentals?

M: It just changes from song to song! I wish there was some formula. For songwriting especially, it’s a hard thing to explain. You can explain experiences and what happened, but it’s not something you can bank on. For this record, it was mostly [that] the songs were written completely and then brought to the table and then they were produced in the studio. We have a song ‘Fairytale’ on the record that is actually one of our oldest songs. It still made the record!

J: Some of them were actually written while we were on America’s Got Talent making the record. From old to really new!

You guys just started the Lifeline tour! How was that first show?

M: It kind of blew all of our expectations!

J: We started on a really high note because the venue and the crew were phenomenal. They set the bar really high for us as far as what to expect. The crowd was just electric.

B: We haven’t played a ton of shows with this new record yet because it’s brand new. We haven’t experienced too many shows where people are coming for our record, they know all of the lyrics to our songs and they’re singing everything. That’s what this tour has been! We play ‘Fall For You’ and it’s more of an acoustic part of the show, so we usually take out an in-ear to be able to hear the crowd a little bit. Everyone is singing every lyric [to that song] and this is a bit of an older song too. It’s insane to hear people singing the songs we’ve had, [and] that we love, back to us. It’s crazy!

Do you have a favorite song you are performing on tour? Can you give fans any clues about the setlist?

M: I think I said last night that ‘Sweater Weather’ was one of my favorite songs to perform live now! That one and ‘Lifeline.’

B: For me, it’s ‘Lifeline’ and I also love playing ‘Timeless’ as well!

J: There are some brand new songs in the set that not many people have heard. They’re not recorded [yet] and some covers! We play all 12 songs from the record.

Rewinding a bit, you had a big break on America’s Got Talent! What was it like to be on the show and receive all of that positive feedback?

B: Simon said that it was a platform us which was such a compliment that he could see a future for us after the show. We felt like our career started the day we got kicked off the show. It was sad for us, but then we were going to finish our record and go on tour! The experience was amazing, the people were amazing and it got us to where we’re at right now.

J: We have so much to share. We have so much music and so much time with rehearsals that we put together to prep for this and we were just waiting for the right moment. America’s Got Talent was that platform for us.

Do you each have a favorite artist right now that you can’t stop listening to?

B: For me, I’m obsessed with Julia Michaels and her new EP!

J: I’m still enjoying Twenty One Pilots’ new record Trench. I love everything…Tyler says he knows the weather of the world he’s created. He knows it so in-depth and it builds off of the previous album Blurryface.

M: I’m really digging John Mayer’s new song ‘I Guess I Just Feel Like.’ It’s a masterpiece!

If you could have any artist or band, dead or alive, featured on a future song, who would it be and why?

M: I would do Michael Jackson! He’s been one of my all time favorite artists for a long time.

J: Hands down, Stevie Wonder! He’s a legend.

B: I really love Ed Sheeran!

What can fans look forward to in the near or distant future?

M: We just dropped the ‘Lifeline’ music video and there are more music videos in the works and some brand new songs that are being recorded.

B: Get excited!

J: Be sure to check out the ‘Lifeline’ music video! It turned out amazing.

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