Review: In Real Life, JAGMAC, and Spencer Sutherland at Paradise Rock Club, Boston

The crowd was anything but quiet when five-piece boy band, In Real Life, took the stage at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Massachusetts on September 12, 2018.


Featured Image © Alessandra Guarneri, United By Pop

Members Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Michael Conor, Drew Ramos, and Sergio Calderon were full of energy and beyond grateful to be performing in front of some of their most dedicated fans. It was a night full of screaming (at a frequency many may have never experienced before) and lots of dancing.

The Tonight Belongs To You Tour featured opening acts Spencer Sutherland and six-piece group, JAGMAC.

Sutherland, 26, is a singer-songwriter from Ohio who focuses on soulful pop and R&B during his performances and singer-songwriter sessions. During his set, Sutherland played some of his original songs as well as covers. His version of Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ especially had the crowd screaming the lyrics back. It was  — and it is — something that should not be missed if you have the opportunity to see it. His set also included his latest single, ‘Fine,’ which has more of dance and electronic feel to it.

JAGMAC followed Sutherland with upbeat original tunes and covers of some of the most popular songs from this decade. Made up of six siblings from Baltimore, you may know this group from supporting Little Mix on their UK tour or performing at the Young Entertainer Awards. Either way, this lively and multi-talented group knew exactly how to keep the crowd hooked on their performance. Between their choreographed dancing, backflips, and powerful vocals, JAGMAC’s stage presence was unforgettable. Their setlist included covers of hits such as Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ and their own original song ‘Not Sure’.

After a captivating introduction and lots of screaming from their adoring fans, In Real Life were welcomed to the stage as they performed their hit song ‘Eyes Closed.’ Their choreography, in-sync harmonies, and contagious smiles made it nearly impossible for fans to look away. Each member was given the opportunity to shine with an individual performance, as well as through their own communication with the crowd in between songs.

The group put together a “boy band medley” and performed snippets of some of the most popular hits from various successful boy bands. This included ‘Burnin’ Up’ by the Jonas Brothers and arguably the Backstreet Boys greatest hit: ‘I Want It That Way.’ The boy band medley was a major highlight of the show because it gave the whole crowd a chance to sing along to songs they’d known for years.

Before the individual performances, ‘In Real Life’ entertained the audience with some unique covers of some of their personal favorite tracks. ‘Mirrors,’ ‘Viva La Vida,’ ‘Drag Me Down,’ and ‘Amnesia’ — to name a few — were equally as exciting for the IRL members and the crowd. This made for an interactive show in a more intimate venue, which is an ideal experience for any fan or concert-goer.

The show then continued with high energy and positivity from all members, leading into their individual performances. Michael, the rapper of the group, had the chance to freestyle and help fans understand more about him and his personal life through his lyrics. The other members shined through songs such as ‘Sweet Creature’ by Harry Styles and ‘Beautiful’ by Bazzi.

In Real Life concluded the show with a cover of ‘The Show Goes On’ by Lupe Fiasco and, of course, gratefully thanking their devoted fans.

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