Get to know In Real Life: “I think we’re just getting started”

In Real Life, together for over a year now, are stealing hearts all around the world.


You may know them from the hit TV show, ‘Boy Band’, or from their influential social media presence. Made up of members Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Michael Conor, Drew Ramos, and Sergio Calderon, the five piece boy band sat down with United by Pop ahead of their Boston show to talk about life on tour, the probability of dating a fan, and dream collaborations.

in real life band photo
Left to right: Brady, Chance, Drew, Michael, Sergio

How’s everyone doing today?

All: Good!
Brady: We’re excited for tonight!

You guys are on tour right now with Spencer Sutherland and JAGMAC! How’s it been so far?

Chance: It’s good! They’re really good people. We’ve known Spencer for a little while and JAGMAC we just met a few weeks ago. They are all really cool people.

Have you guys had a chance to hangout with them a little bit?

Brady: Yes! We actually did an event with them in New York recently for the US Open. We did Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day. We did performances in the same vicinity, so we chilled with them and they’re really cool. We got to get to know them.
Chance: We had a pizza party!
Brady: Exactly! And that was after we confirmed them as openers. It was really cool. They’re a dope family (JAGMAC).

You were discovered on the TV show ‘Boy Band’! How was that whole process?

Chance: It was cool and it was also terrifying because every week you could possibly go home. Honestly, if you put that factor aside, it was a really fun process. We all got to know each other and we were all in the same hotel.
Michael: Same floor!
Chance: We would all hangout with each other after the show and after rehearsals. Life with the boys. Boys being boys.

Besides singing, what do you guys like to do with each other?

Drew: We play video games and watch movies.
Brady: It’s a lot of sitting and talking. It’s usually in the bunk area and we’ll poke our heads out.
Michael: We all have our heads out.
Brady: Yeah, and then John [manager] will be standing and roasting us.
Chance: Then we roast each other!

Your latest single is called ‘Got Me Good’. Tell me a little bit about that!

Drew: Yes! ‘Got Me Good’! We’re super excited about that song. We heard the song and we liked it a lot. The writer [of the song] also helped us produce the song, and he’s really cool because he’s helped us with other projects in the past. We’re really excited to be a part of this project with him because we also felt like it had a collaborative feel. We went in there [the studio], we talked to him, we changed a couple of things, and it came out the way we wanted it to come out.

Who are your individual influences in the industry right now?

Michael: For me it’s like Jay-Z, Nas, Logic, and J-Cole.
Brady: Luther Vandross is pretty sick, and Frank Ocean.
Chance: In middle school I got really influenced by Michael Jackson and Maroon 5.
Sergio: I really like Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes, but I’ve been getting into Justin Timberlake a lot.
Drew: I’m into Bruno Mars and Jon Bellion. I really like Bruno Mars because his message is basically that his whole life he just wanted people to dance to his music. That’s just the vibe he wants.

Do you guys have any dream collaborations as a group?

Chance: Jon Bellion!
Drew: He’s a great producer.
Chance: He’s a genius.
Drew: We’d love to work with Jon Bellion.
Brady: Also, we’re all in general really big fans of Charlie Puth. He’s a great producer, you know?

Your fans are amazing and so dedicated. Have you gotten used to it and all the screaming during the shows?

Chance: They’re the best.
Michael: I don’t think we’ve gotten used to it because just two days ago, we did our first show in D.C., and we were all so overwhelmed that so many people were there to see us. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve gotten used to it. I think we’re just getting started.
Drew: In New York, we just finished a song, and we stood there for a minute and a half, and they were just screaming. It was the best feeling in the world.

Would you ever consider dating a fan?

All: Yes.
Chance: It would have to be more than just an infatuation, though.

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You have been a band for a year! What do you want to accomplish next year?

Brady: We want to have a dope single. We want to have a high-charting single.
Michael: A song we’re super super proud of.
Brady: Performing at an award show would [also] be lit!

How was it to perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’?

Michael: I remember we got the email that said we got confirmed for ‘Kimmel’. Immediately, Sergio texted me two seconds after and said, “YOOOOOO,” in all caps.
Chase: I also wanna be on ‘Ellen’.
Michael: ‘Ellen’ is the peak.

Do you ever go into a store or sit in the car and hear your song? Do you ever freak out about that?

Sergio: Yeah! For me, it happened when I went into Macy’s and it was playing. It was pretty cool.
Brady: We had a show in San Diego, and I went down to the lobby and it was playing in the lobby. I was like, “That’s so sick.”
Michael: It happened at the dentist too.

If you could tour with any boy band from the past to now, who would it be?

Brady: CNCO! We’re just boys with CNCO, so that’d be sick.
Michael: I would choose *NSYNC. It’s easy to say One Direction because that’s the boy band of our generation. I want to know what it was like to be a band without social media and how to go on tour when the people can only see you if they go to your show.
Brady: Facts.

I want to know what it was like to be a band without social media and how to go on tour when the people can only see you if they go to your show.

What are some of your favorite songs to perform?

Michael: The boy band medley! That’s one of my favorite things to perform.
Brady: I love doing ‘Got Me Good’, honestly. The way the chorus is written, it’s just a really chanty chorus, so everyone is screaming.
Michael: I also like ‘Eyes Closed’.
Sergio: Yeah! The intro is just a party.

Do you have songs you sing in the shower?

Drew: Yes, I’m big on Bazzi.
Michael: I just rap in the shower.

Finally, what can fans look forward to?

Chance: We have a lot of writing sessions coming up, and we’re going to be in the studio! We’re just going to work a lot and hopefully release an EP or an album of some sort.
Brady: We’ve been touring a lot and we just want to make music right now! We just want to have music [to play].

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