Gasparilla Music Festival Day 2: The Collection, Beach Weather, and Young the Giant

Even Florida rain couldn't dampen festival goers' spirits.


Gasparilla Music Fest took place this past weekend in Tampa, FL. I attended Day 2 on Saturday, February 17, and it was a blast!

While the day was plagued by rain, the music was still incredible. From my end, photos were very difficult to capture especially at the end of the day where the rain was pretty heavy, but I still got the chance to see some really cool bands and even meet the headliner.

My first set of the day was The Collection, a North Carolinian indie-pop band that brought a fun, dancey time. All the members were energetic so you were always captivated by something. A trombone isn’t something you typically see on stage, so that was another aspect of The Collection that got people interested!

Next, I went to Beach Weather. Making light of the rain situation, the band joked about how their band name didn’t match with the ongoing weather. Lead man Nick Santino told a story about how he was sick just a couple days prior so getting to dance around with all these people made everything better. At one point, Santino even handed his microphone to someone on the barricade who was singing every lyric.

I took a break from taking photos to grab some pizza, and then I got to meet Young the Giant. They had a free meet-and-greet at Daddy Kool Records’ tent. This was a super cool experience that Gasparilla allowed me to have!

After that, I watched the end of Trevor Hall’s set and then got ready for COIN. They were both incredible! I wasn’t able to get my camera to work for COIN’s set because of the rain, but I still had fun. Chase Lawrence really is a performer, and they all put on an exciting show. The crowd was loud and knew every COIN lyric, which just made the band happier and more energetic.

Last set of the night was Young the Giant. Lead man Sameer Gadhia had an intoxicating energy that kept the entire crowd captivated. Bouncing all around the stage and absolutely adoring the cat walk that was provided, Gadhia was exuberant. The band recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their sophomore album, so they played a song that they haven’t in years — “Waves.” They also pulled a song, “God Made Man,” from their first album that they also don’t play often, and it got the crowd roaring.

The festival grounds cleared pretty quick after the show ended. The rain made everyone eager to get home but didn’t deter many people from enjoying live music. From silent discos to free meet-and-greets, Gasparilla had good music and cool extras that made it a well-rounded, wonderful experience.

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