Why Beyoncé’s flowers to Reneé Rapp are long overdue

Remember all these times Reneé Rapp covered Beyoncé songs?


On February 17, Reneé Rapp posted a clip of herself to Instagram reacting to receiving a bouquet of flowers from Beyoncé herself.

We’re so happy that Reneé is getting recognition from her hero! The flowers came after Reneé did a cover of ‘Daddy Lessons’ during her concert in Paris.

But for those who don’t know, Reneé has long been a fan of Beyoncé. Here are five other times Reneé did a cover of Beyoncé’s songs:


This clip is from eight years ago, and it’s the first video in this YouTube channel of hers. (Well, she might have deleted some, but at least this appears to be the oldest one now!) We love the little introduction she gave at the beginning of the video and the fact that she sung this so well without any background music!


This is (sadly) such a short clip, but we love how passionate Reneé was here. She was playing the piano and singing her heart away at the same time. Talented!


A more recent clip, this time from 2019! And the production is much better. The only sad thing is that she didn’t cover the entire song again. You can watch her covering P!nk in this same series, though.

‘Love on Top’

Also from 2019, this clip is of Reneé covering ‘Love on Top’ at 54 Below in New York. She did amazing, and we heard a rumour that she was actually a bit tipsy while doing this wonderful cover!

‘Dangerously In Love’ with Jennifer Hudson

Technically not a Queen Bey song but we’re counting it. And it’s clear how much Reneé’s vocals have grown over the years!

We can’t wait to see what Reneé covers next as she continues her tour!

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