Former Miss A member MIN drops new EP about self-discovery journey

Her new EP PRIME TIME includes 4 new songs!


Former Miss A member, MIN, is back with new music. The Korean singer has released her brand new EP PRIME TIME with 4 new songs, including a collaboration with rapper Lil Cherry on the title track of the EP.

The EP is very personal to the singer. After being in a successful K-pop group such as Miss A, has MIN been facing different emotions and experiences; “After existing within the K-pop industry for so long, I felt as though I had to exist within a certain mold, look a certain way, dress a certain way”. MIN started a new journey on her own by moving to New York, a city that inspired to embrace her true self. Her EP, PRIME TIME is all about self-discovery and empowerment, which makes it really authentic.

Photo by Lauren Nakao Winn
Photo by Lauren Nakao Winn

PRIME TIME is an EP with a mix of different vibes. Whilst the main track with Lil Cherry ‘PRIME TIME’ sounds like a cool track that is all about empowerment and breaking free, a song where the listener should feel more confident about themselves. Yet, is the track ‘SHIMMY (Skip)’, a fun and catchy track. By moving on to the next song,’M.A.W (Might As Well)’ that’s more of a cute and bittersweet song. The final track of the EP, “Happy Plant (A Call From Grandma)” is a recorded phone conversation with her grandma in Korean – whom holds a special place in MIN her heart. The recording sums the whole EP up; there are challenges, but life goes on with growth and new opportunities.

Photo by Lauren Nakao Winn
Photo by Lauren Nakao Winn

MIN states about her new EP: “I hope that this EP is one that empowers people, that instills in the listeners hope and an empowerment that you, too, can live the way that you’d like without having to answer to any critics and naysayers”. PRIME TIME is a short but powerful project from the singer, because who doesn’t deserve to embrace themselves more? Grow together with MIN by listening to the EP here:

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