5 female artists performing at festivals in 2024

5 female artists performing at festivals in 2024


We are halfway through the festival season, and the party shows no signs of stopping. Some of our favorite festivals have just announced their lineups, and here are 5 female artists you definitely don’t want to miss this year at upcoming festivals.

1.) Carly Rae Jepsen

-Summerfest (July 4th, Milwaukee, WI)
-Day In Day Out Festival (July 12th, Seattle, WA)
-Pitchfork Music Festival (July 20th, Chicago, IL)

The Canadian artist, renowned for her hit singles, collaborations with Owl City and The Bleachers, and her latest album, The Loneliest Time, will be touring across America and Canada this July.

Since her acclaimed single “Call Me Maybe” debuted in 2012, she has written thousands of catchy synth-pop songs. Recently, she has been experimenting with Daft Punk-inspired euphoria music and downtempo ballads, showcasing her range and emotions through her lyrics and instrumentation.

2.) Sabrina Carpenter
-Outside Lands (August 10th in San Fransisco, CA)

Singer of the hit song,”Espresso”, recently anounced her “Short’ ‘N’ Sweet” North American tour. Before she embarks on her tour, she is performing at Outside Lands in San Fransisco, CA on August 10th at Golden Gate Park.

Her 5th album, Emails I Can’t Send, is her first release with her Island Records. The album features four bonus tracks and is an ode to her regrets and inner humor.

3.) Katy Perry
-Rock in Rio (September 20th at Palco Mundo Stage)

Katy Perry’s new era is in full swing this summer and it entails new music and a festival appearance in Mexico. The Pop singer will be debuting her newest single, ‘’Woman’s World’ on July 11th at 7PM ET/4 PM PT, accompanied by a music video that will be released the following morning of July 12th. This single is the leading track of her forthcoming album.

You can pre-save the song now on all streaming platforms and pre-order the vinyl on Katy’s official website.

4.)Victoria Canal
-Iron Blossom Music Festival (September 21st & 22nd in Richmond, VA)

Victoria, known for her sad-girl pop, has released an upbeat summer song called “June Baby” with Ross from The 1975. Starting in August, she will embark on the Just What I Needed world tour with openers Sammy Rae and the Friends.

This new era for Victoria emphasizes joy, fun, and carefree vibes, contrasting with her quarantine-era focus on people-pleasing, self-esteem, and insecurities. On Instagram, she has expressed her desire to be a rom-com star, a dream she now pursues through her lively, romantic music and music videos.

5.) Holly Humberstone
-Truck Festival (Friday July 26th in Abingdon, UK)
-All Things Go MD & NY (September 28th & 29th)

Holly Humberstone is a well-known performer, famous for her songs “Deep End,” “Fallin Asleep At the Wheel,” and “Scarlett.” Many fans discovered her when she opened for Girl In Red and Olivia Rodrigo, but she has recently been headlining her own tours. After completing her headlining tour this spring, she is now set to perform at festivals in North America and the UK.

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