Doja Cat brings us to her own Planet Her

And we love being there!


Over the last few years, Doja Cat proved to her fans and the music industry that she’s THE ultimate popstar. She stole our hearts with her albums Amala and Hot Pink, and now she’s doing it again with her third album Planet Her. (It’s not meant to be feminine; ”I just tried to be cute,” the singer said.)

The highly anticipated album starts off with the track ”Woman,” where Doja’s just telling you that she can be your woman and wants to praise the other women on an afrobeat. A great start for the album. Next up is ”Naked,” where we absolutely can hear Doja’s unique sound as she sings about sexuality and becoming comfortable being naked with someone else.

Then it’s time for the first collaboration of the album: ”Payday” featuring Young Thug. We’ve been waiting for this song since Doja teased it at the start of 2021. ”Payday” is totally different from the rest of what we’ve just heard, but it’s definitely a banger.

After that comes ”Get Into It (Yuh).” As an Arianator myself, the title got me QUAKING — even more so when I heard the actual song, with lyrics like, ”I mean, y’all b*tches better ‘yuh’ like Ariana.” Doja said earlier that she got inspiration from Nicki Minaj for this song, whom she also thanks at the end: ”Thank you Nicki, I love you.” Nothing more than just ICONIC.

After this pretty funny song is ”Need To Know,” the album’s second single. Track number six is another iconic collaboration, this time with Ariana Grande, called ”I Don’t Do Drugs.” Personally, I see this song ending up high in the charts. Don’t miss the iconic lyrics from Ariana such as, ”So, baby, can you eat it from the back? Got me purrin’ like I’m Doja Cat”.

We’re up to ”Love To Dream,” which is a very cute and dreamy song, teased earlier by Doja on an Instagram Live. By far one of my favorite songs, you can just close your eyes and relax. ”Love To Dream” shows a side from Doja that we barely have even seen.

Then it’s time to listen to the third single of the album, ”You Right” featuring The Weeknd. This song was actually meant for Doja only, but when The Weeknd heard it, he was in love. And I’m just in love with this collab! Check out the amazing music video for this song as well.

We’ve already arrived at track nine! ”Been Like This” is a song about a relationship with mixed feelings, and because of the mixed feelings, maybe you want to break up. It’s a topic a lot of people can relate to. We all know that Doja can be that silly and funny girl, but she really shows herself in this song.

The next song, ”Options” featuring JID, fits nicely with the lyrics from the last track. The tenth song of the album is about a couple who are fooling each other. ”Ain’t Sh*t,” gives more of a vibe where we shouldn’t give a sh*t about our exes. ”Look at what you did, listen to your friends,” Doja sings, a good ending after the last two songs.

The album is almost coming to an end as we arrive at track twelve: ”Imagine.” Doja sings about being rich and having a luxurious life. At this point, I really noticed that Doja definitely put the songs in a certain order, because the next song (”Alone”) says it all. Doja starts to feel comfortable with herself after all these events she sang about in the last few songs. It’s okay to be alone, and self-love is the key to everything.

Then, we’re already at the last song of the album: ”Kiss Me More” featuring SZA. The first single off the album that’s already climbed the charts. I mentioned the contrast from the last few songs, and ”Kiss Me More” is definitely a good ending for the album. It’s been a rollercoaster, and now we wrap it up with a catchy, funny song.

Doja Cat literally topped herself with this album, and I think Planet Her will be on repeat for lots of people. She created her own world and we’re just living in it.

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