Clairo is a natural storyteller with her sophomore album Sling

Co-produced with Jack Antonoff, Clairo's new album is finally here.


Back in 2019, Clairo released her debut album Immunity – a collection of soft rock, bedroom pop, electropop, and indie pop sounds.

Her singles ‘Bags,’ ‘Closer to You,’ and ‘Sofia’ each received critical praise and garnered many streams. Starting as a sleeper hit, ‘Sofia’ gained traction after going viral on TikTok. But now, on Spotify, ‘Sofia’ has the most with over 290 million streams.

Two years later, Clairo has now released her highly anticipated sophomore album Sling and it’s a collection of stories as the singer plays with a new sound.

On her sophomore album, Clairo continues with her pop sound but has also incorporated folk as well. Beginning with ‘Bambi’ – a sweet introduction that begins with the singer’s hushed vocals – the storytelling that Clairo is lyrically known for shines through.

Track 5, titled ‘Blouse’ is the lead single off of Sling and features background vocals from Lorde. Clairo too provided background vocals for Lorde’s latest single ‘Solar Power’ alongside Phoebe Bridgers.

‘Blouse’ is not only a folk tune but is also a ballad as Clairo’s vocals whisper and rise throughout its runtime. In an interview with Vogue, Clairo shared that ‘Blouse’ was the last song she wrote and replaced another song that she wasn’t entirely sure about.

On ‘Blouse,’ Clairo’s lyrics Why do I tell you how I feel when you’re too busy looking down my blouse? is one that is so powerful and the meaning behind the song is equally as powerful.

In an email newsletter, Clairo wrote how important ‘Blouse’ was to her because it delves into topics that she hadn’t covered before.

On ‘Blouse,’ Clairo describes a kitchen table conversation where you’re ready for a professional conversation but then all of a sudden, you see a male colleague staring down your shirt while you are halfway through a sentence.

“It’s a feeling that a lot of people know well,” said Clairo in her newsletter. “What’s even more deafening- is the feeling of, ‘Well, if this is what it takes for him to hear me, then I’ll allow it.”

Clairo also shared that with Sling, the album was inspired by her dog Joanie. Track 9 titled ‘Joanie’ is named after the singer’s dog and serves as an instrumental track. Clairo shared that Joanie helped her realize her thoughts on parenthood and what it would mean to her.

In collaborating with Jack Antonoff, Clairo also shared with Vogue that in creating this album, both she and Antonoff wanted to create something they hadn’t done before.  Antonoff is known for frequently collaborating with Taylor Swift and has produced albums ranging from pop to folk and more.

However, on Sling, that pop sound shines through with Clairo’s song ‘Zinnias.’ It’s upbeat but at the same time, it incorporates that soft folk sound that is found throughout the rest of the album while tiptoeing on the edge of rock. This song goes on to show that Clairo can mix different genres with one another.

In sharing some of her most personal experiences and stories, Clario explores many emotions, topics, and experiences on Sling. As someone who is now in their twenties, Clairo shares her life story in such an honest way that anyone can relate to.

And in telling her story, Sling is a delightful collection of stories and sounds that showcases the singer’s maturity in music by life as well.

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