5SOS have just released their new album CALM, and we are anything BUT calm

We have ‘No Shame’ in saying that this may be one of the best things this band has ever come out with.


5 Seconds Of Summer have just released their fourth album ‘CALM’ and it’s said to be their most personal album to date. The title ‘CALM’ is an acronym of the band members’ initials (Calum, Ashton, Luke, Michael). The acronym was used quite frequently to address the boys back in the early days and the title is an ode to their fans from the very beginning.

The album opens with the blues like tune ‘Red Desert’. The runaway cowboy movie sounding track depicts how sonically versatile the band really is as the track sounds nothing like anything the band has done before. Not to mention the amazing harmonies and Ashton Irwin being a KING on the drums – what a legend.

The second track, ‘No Shame’ is a very retro-sounding song with 80’s pop elements that make the song unique. Parts of the track have a sound that resembles the feeling of falling–which may tie into the meaning of the song. The song describes the struggles of being in the public eye and having been in the industry for almost 9 years. In a recent interview with Apple Music, Luke Hemmings stated. “It’s a satirical snapshot of the vanity and insatiable desire for materialistic that can sometimes plague the world we live in, ourselves included. It’s a light-hearted glimpse into the darker parts of society: the good, the bad and the ugly.”

We then dive into ‘Old Me’ a super catchy track representing what the band has been through to get to where they are today and how grateful they are for everything they’ve been through.

‘Easier’ was the first single from the new album that debuted in May of last year. The single plays with EDM and techno type keyboard sounds as well as showcasing the breathtaking falsettos of  Luke. The bass riffs are also another stand out in the single–courtesy of Calum Hood himself.

The following track, ‘Teeth’, begins with a powerful baseline by the one and only Calum Hood. followed by the mellow vocals that soon explode into a stunning falsetto. Not to mention the killer guitars (I’m looking at you, Michael). This song is definitely a banger and remains a fan favorite.

‘Wildflower’, another fan favorite is upbeat and a culmination of 80’s pop and music today making it the ultimate dance song that we adore.

We then transition into ‘Best Years’, which is may be the most emotional song on the album. This sweet ballad had us bawling from the second it started. Its sentimental lyrics backed up with gorgeous instrumentals were like a sweet serenade from beginning to end.

‘Not In The Same Way’ is definitely one of our favorites on the whole album. This track is such a vibey song from the beat to the lyrics and we can’t get enough of it.

We then go into another sentimental song that was written by the talented Sierra Deaton and Luke Hemmings, ‘Lover of Mine’. The song begins with a beautiful piano riff and develops into an acoustic guitar-dominated part. And soon, the beat drops into a darker sound for the second verse before coming back up again for the chorus.

’Thin White Lies’ has a similar feel to ‘Red Desert’ at the beginning with a Spanish-guitar like sound. The track is also a very catchy tune with some amazing high notes included. The second to last song, ’Lonely Heart’ starts off as a slower song, building up to the explosive chorus.

And finally, we have the closing track, ‘High’, another one of our favorites. The final track is another heart-wrenching ballad that made us sob. The emotional lyrics, beautifully painful instrumentals, and of course the stunning vocals made this a song of tears. The gorgeous ballad is the best closure for this marvellous album.

CALM is definitely one of our favorite albums to date – the lyrics, instrumentals, vocals, and the hard work the boys put into this made it worth the wait. It’s an amazing representation of how far the band has come and how diverse and unique this band is, every track being more different than the other in the best way possible. We can’t wait to see this album shine and are excited to see what comes next for these lads.

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