5 things we hope to see on the 5SOS No Shame 2020 Tour

5 Seconds of Summer, please take notes.


If you’ve been following the incredible Australian band on their socials recently, you should be aware of their upcoming No Shame 2020 Tour.

In a recent interview with NovaFM, Michael Clifford said, “We wanna do a lot more outdoor gigs on this run… It’s time to change it up… make it feel like an atmosphere.”

The band is set to be touring Europe, North America, and now Australia, for six months out of the year. Every tour is different and comes with its own unique surprises, so here’s a list of five things I hope to see on this upcoming tour!

1. Throwback B-sides

Even though we’re getting an album full of (12!) new songs very soon, some beloved OG B-sides would be majorly appreciated live.

Here are my top three choices:

  1. Unpredictable (2012!!)
  2. Disconnected (2014)
  3. Empty Wallets (2018)

Funny enough, Luke Hemmings joked in a Beats1 interview recently, “We’re not playing any B-sides.”

At least, we’re pretty sure he was joking…

2. Covers

As you probably know, 5 Seconds Of Summer started out in 2011 posting covers on YouTube. Because of this, we know they’re basically pros at nailing them.

Having just seen them on the World War Joy Tour in November, I definitely hope to see a few more covers on this new setlist! They commonly did a Blink-182 cover during WWJ but, they didn’t perform it at my LA show for some reason. 🙁

5SOS has expressed recently, how much they appreciate the influence of older bands like The Police, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and INXS. Knowing this, I’m just hoping Luke will show us how he could epically nail the vocals to “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

Comment what covers you would most want to see!

3. Surprise guests

Wouldn’t it be great if 5SOS had a few famous friends of theirs drop in on random dates of the tour to just say hi?

“This person just happened to be in town tonight, give it up for our friend, __________!”

Just saying, it could happen.


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4. Choreographed dance numbers

Okay, I’m totally kidding. I don’t know why I imagined that.

In all seriousness, another thing I really hope to see more of is, instrumental solos!

I love when each band member gets their own time to really shine. I can recall that on the WWJ Tour, each member with an instrument got at least one extended solo — it was so exciting to see them truly enjoying themselves.

After Ashton’s drum solo at my concert, my dad actually told me that Ashton was one of the best drummers he had ever seen.

Here’s to hoping each member, with an instrument, gets a lot of incredible solo time during the new tour.

5. Live album (and DVD) from the tour

“We’ll basically play the longest set we can on this upcoming tour.”

-Ashton Irwin (Apple Music/Beats 1, 2020)

I LOVE live albums! I literally have 3 different Spotify playlists jam-packed with only live songs from all my faves. Since Ashton said this tour will have the longest setlist, I really hope they record it at all costs.


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What do you hope for on this tour?

Let us know in the comments or by tagging us on Twitter @unitedbypop.

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