Review: Quinn XCII at the House of Blues, Boston


Quinn XCII (pronounced ‘Quinn 92’, real name Mikael Temrowski) took the stage for a sold-out show at the House of Blues in Boston to give every fan what they had been waiting for and more.

People of all ages gathered at the House of Blues on February 27 with the expectation of starting their weekend a bit early — and Quinn XCII was up for the challenge. His performance was like a private party, and those in attendance were lucky enough to receive an invitation.

With Quinn XCII playing songs from both his old and new albums, the crowd was feeling all sorts of emotions. They weren’t afraid to hide it through uncontrollable dance moves and pure concentration on the singer in front of them.

Through his relatable lyrics and effortless stage presence, Quinn XCII instantly made audience members forget all of their worries and truly focus on the purpose of live music: to feel and experience. The ‘Straightjacket’ singer was intensely connected with the crowd, and for all of the right reasons. While he did an almost flawless job entertaining everyone in attendance, he also remained focused on each song as if he was rerecording it for his album again, this time with a crowd in front of him. It was like he was hosting a party that only played his songs, and fans couldn’t get enough.

Although Quinn XCII is considered to be both a singer and a rapper, he performs like a legendary icon and left the crowd wanting more — from the start of his set to its final song. Starting off with a fan favorite, ‘Sad Still’, he smoothly transitioned from songs that were more slow to songs that were a little bit faster. The stage production mixed with the quality of this performance was not one music fans should miss out on.

Audience members were able to fall in love with both the charm of Quinn XCII and the messages behind his songs. It was a concert full of dancing and fans singing at the top of their lungs, but also one that felt like a party with friends you just hadn’t met yet. The ‘Flare Guns’ singer was undeniably himself on stage and made it known that performing is his safe haven.

Be sure to catch QUINN XCII on tour now and stay up to date with him on his social media for the latest updates.

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