Operation #TommoThunder to promote Louis Tomlinson’s Two Of Us is underway


We don’t have long to wait until Louis Tomlinson‘s ‘Two Of Us’ is released on March 7th, and that means his fans are busy proving why they’re the hardest working fans around.

Image Source: tumblr

#TommoThunder sees fans launching an effort to promote the song and increase radio play worldwide. In the past, fans have used Thunderclap to promote Louis’ songs including the viral effort #OperationMissYou.

#TommoThunder has already seen a social reach of almost 2 million and it’s growing every day. Fans are also putting together promotional packages to send to radio stations, as well as holding streaming parties and requesting the song on the radio after the song’s release.

#TommoThunder will once again showcase the pure determination and credibility of Louis Tomlinson’s fandom. Sign up to TommoThunder here.

Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Two Of Us’ releases on March 7th. Follow and save it on Spotify now.

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