What we think Harry Styles’ new era will bring

The pop star is gearing up for something big and we're more than ready for it.


It’s been over two years since Harry Styles‘ debut album — and, in our opinion, that’s two years too long.

But it seems like the wait might be over soon. The former One Direction member was spotted filming a music video in Mexico and Scotland, causing fans to speculate what the pop star’s new era will bring.


His self-titled record mixed classic rock with folk elements, a massive stretch from his pop boyband roots. There was never a time where we thought the young curly-haired, blazer-wearing teen would stray from his picture-perfect image, but the lyrics to “Kiwi” were all we needed to change our minds.

While Harry Styles was full of heavy guitar strings and emotional ballads, Harry himself had the aesthetic to back it up. He donned himself in flower petals, pastel pink, and velvet high-waisted suits, encompassing his flamboyant and adventurous self with unwavering grace.

He continued with his unpredictable fashion sense at the 2019 Met Gala in New York City. His Met Gala look was one of the most anticipated of the night, as he was co-chair of the event alongside Anna Wintour, Alessandro Michele, Lady Gaga, and Serena Williams. Harry’s lacy, Gucci-designed look turned heads while also delivering something different for him — something a bit darker and more sinister than his on-stage looks from tour.

Maybe the outfit sets the tone for a more vulnerable Harry, one that steps even deeper into his subconscious than his soul-baring track, “From the Dining Table.” But we aren’t ruling out his flashy side: Harry always goes for the gold (sometimes literally) when it comes to breaking the norm.

The sophomore album serves as a challenge for any breakthrough artist, and it’s no different with an established pop star like Harry. If there’s no creative growth, the excitement among fans could potentially fade away. Harry seems to be trying his best to expand his fanbase’s mind while being true to his passion for unpredictability.

Harry was seen working with Kid Harpoon (the pair previously collaborated on the debut album). Mark Ronson has also been speculated as a possible producer on Harry’s upcoming music — a very welcomed theory among many die-hard followers.


Also, let’s not forget during his second world tour, Harry performed two unreleased songs titled “Medicine” and “Anna.” Their studio versions have been in high demand ever since, and it leaves us wondering: Will they be included in the singer’s second LP? While the two tracks differ greatly in sound and lyrics, they would surely be great additions to the star’s discography.

Whatever’s in store, Harry definitely won’t disappoint. There’s been a void that only the artist’s classic persona can fill. Last time, he delivered kindness in the form of a simple slogan plastered all over tour merchandise and Instagram posts. We’re ready for more of that, coupled with his charismatic stage presence and daring music.

What do you hope Harry’s new era will bring? Let us know in the poll below!

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