Harry Styles is back on the road with unreleased music

Harry Styles embarked on his world arena tour in Switzerland this week where he showcased brand new visuals, merchandise and even unreleased songs that didn't make his debut album.


It’s that time of year again, folks. Yes, Harry Styles is back on tour and he’s better than ever.

The singer embarked on his world arena tour this week in Basel, Switzerland, and he definitely didn’t disappoint. With whole new visuals, merchandise and even unreleased songs, he’s making his tour the one to be at this summer.

After months of hiding of from the public eye, we were left curious as to what the former One Direction member had up his sleeve for his upcoming escapade across the world.

Always fond of a visually appealing aesthetic, Harry never lets the fans down. Before the musician set foot on stage, a cartoon video of him trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube was played, serving as the countdown until the concert began.

Harry clearly has a flare for the dramatics in the quirkiest way possible.

Not only did he provide new visuals, Harry also surprised the crowd with unreleased tracks that didn’t make the cut for his debut album.

Titled ‘Medicine’ and ‘Anna’, Harry rocked his heart out — while donning a black, sparkly Gucci suit, of course. We can’t help but wonder why in the world these perfectly-crafted, classic rock jams didn’t make his highly anticipated LP.

He even sang a One Direction fan favorite, ‘If I Could Fly’. The whole audience was shaking in their Harry-inspired boots.

There’s also plenty of new merchandise for dedicated fans to get their hands on. A Polaroid picture book features a behind-the-scenes look at Harry and his band on tour, candid moments from the singer and even Harry wearing a dress — yeah, you read that right.

Other items include a brand new tour shirt as well as sweatshirts that have certain song titles from the singer’s album embroidered.

Another new piece of merchandise that doesn’t stray away from Harry’s message of spreading kindness is a set of wristbands with the phrase “Treat People With Kindness” stitched on them. As if we didn’t think the singer could get any better, all of the profits from purchasing these wristbands will go to various charities around the world.

We’re really in for a treat this tour as we watch Harry once again wow us with his flashy suits and epic love for performing. It’s only the beginning of an exciting summer for hopefully even more new music and onstage antics.

Featured Image Source: Twitter

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