Harry Styles doesn’t label himself, and we shouldn’t label him either

During his time in the public eye, Harry Styles has chosen not to label his sexuality. Regardless of whatever the lyrics say in the songs he sings, we shouldn't label his sexuality either.


Harry Styles recently took to performing an unreleased song, ‘Medicine’, while on tour. ‘Medicine’ is one the many songs that Harry wrote for his debut eponymous album but didn’t make the final cut. The song, with its heavy rock vibes, has become a strong competitor to the fan favorite, ‘Kiwi’.

Two tour dates in, and the fans are confident they’ve figured out the lyrics to the entire song. The second verse of the song, it sounds like, is Harry hinting at his own comfort and confidence in his sexuality, mentioning both boys and girls:

The boys and girls are here
I’m messing ’round with them
And I’m okay with it

(‘Medicine’ lyrics)


After its two performances, the song is now being hailed as a bisexual anthem.

Quickly catching onto fandom activity, several media outlets released misleading articles about Harry “coming out” and definitively identifying as bisexual. To avoid criticism, most headlines used fans or the internet as a scapegoat.

harry styles sexuality headlines
HuffPost, Elle, People, and Perez Hilton

Even Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon tweeted his excitement, quoting a Z100 article about Harry’s sexuality that has since been taken down under pressure from fans.

Here is a friendly reminder. The following quote is an excerpt from an interview Harry gave to The Sun’s Bizarre column in May 2017:

So has Harry personally labelled his sexuality?

He replies: “No, I’ve never felt the need to really. No.”

Would he like to elaborate? “I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself.”

It would be unfair of anyone to assign Harry a sexuality he might possibly not even identify with. It is important to understand and respect his choice to not label himself. So while you bop along to ‘Medicine’ and celebrate the love and representation through the lyrics of the song, also remember to respect Harry and his wish to not label his own sexuality. That’s how you truly empower him.

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GIF Source: Tumblr

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