KPop influences the rise in genderless fashion and we’re 100% here for it

The influence of K Pop idols upon fashion and its boundaries is clear to see, as it makes its way into the mainstream.


Over the past few years there has been a steady growth in the experimentation of mainstream men’s fashion. Branching out from traditional pieces and silhouettes, male celebrities have been overturning all the rules from previous generations, resulting in new, unconventional styles seeping through to the general public. Pictured in more traditionally feminine patterns, textures and silhouettes for over a decade, the growing influence of K-Pop over the west no doubt has had a large impact on the incorporation of women’s fashion in the male domain.

In an industry where your fashion can be just as important, and just as scrutinised as your music, dressing well for many is both a way to portray the essence of their music as well as a way for designers to push their runway fashion into the mainstream. As the lines between gender in fashion blur, with the likes of Harry Styles, Tyler, the creator and Ezra Miller distorting gender boundaries in the West, this now common occurrence of dressing men in traditionally feminine styles has no story to be told without the influence of K Pop.

K Pop idols such a Taehyung, Kai and Kang Daniel have be seen sporting more androgynous looks both on and off stage. Yet the importance lies not in the fact that they are wearing women’s clothing, but they are wearing what they feel comfortable in. In a way, K Pop artists are just as important as the designers who choose to make genderless clothing, creating normality around something that only a few years ago would have been publicly frowned upon. It seems that the world of fashion is moving to a point where it is no longer defined by gender, it is simply fashion, and that only opens up the doors of play and experimentation even more to the mainstream!

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