The evolution of 5 Seconds of Summer lyrics: A four-way saga

Interpreting the similarities between some of their 150+ songs.


5 Seconds of Summer has been a band for almost nine years, and yet all their music is so diverse and different. But with over 150+ songs out at the moment, here are a few of the similarities we noticed in some of their lyrics over the years as well as our interpretations of their meanings.

Want You Back/Amnesia

“Want You Back”:
I remember the roses on your shirt/When you told me this would never work

I remember the makeup running down your face

5SOS uses these similar lyrics to represent the little details about an ex they specifically noticed before they broke up.


Push me away, push me away

You push and you push and I’m pulling away/Pulling away from you

These lines represent a toxic on/off relationship where both people are unable to keep a stable personal relationship yet can’t be away from each other.

Old Me/Better Man

“Old Me”:
Never a night alone
Anywhere you wanna go
Woke up in the morning wearing someone else’s clothes
Pictures in my phone
With people I don’t know

“Better Man”:
Find me at a quarter to three, cigarette in hand
I’d be at every party, I wouldn’t miss a chance
New friends again and again, gone when the morning comes
Demons I try to defend, but I couldn’t get enough
Fading away, fading away
Wake up to someone with nothing to say

Both lyrics represent an unhealthy lifestyle of constant late-night partying and socializing with little to no life stability.


And all the things that we dream about
They don’t mean what they did before

And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them

Because of the split in the relationship, the dreams and aspirations of the couple are no longer relevant and don’t mean as much as they did when they were happier.

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