Happy 27th birthday to Suga from BTS!

We're celebrating the talented lyricist, producer, and dancing master from the K-pop group today.


In honour of Suga’s birthday today, what better way to celebrate than charting his numerous successes as a constantly evolving and influential musician across the globe over the past few years.

Part of BTS’s iconic rap line, Yoongi (who goes by the stage name Suga and Agust D) has recently been able to let his music producing talents shine outside of BTS, working with artists such as Logic. His talents extend to writing lyrics, and his masterpiece “Interlude: Shadow” shows his raw feelings towards his work in such a high-pressure industry.

Of course, the fans have praised the vulnerable lyrics all over social media, and the notions of self-exploration and self-analysis within one’s own shadows seem to resonate deeply. BTS are a group that spread the message of loving yourself so deeply and so globally — even John Cena is a fan because of it — and such a huge part of this comes from the lyrics and melodies of their songs.

Yoongi’s love for his bandmates never fails to go unnoticed by his fans, and this is so clearly shown in his understanding of all the members’ experiences in BTS, lyricised in the song “ON” from their new album, which Yoongi helped to write. In their recent press conference, Yoongi mentions that the song charts how they have overcome their shadows as a band, and have grounded themselves.

ARMY have also been extremely impressed with his dancing recently, seeing that his hard work is definitely paying off in the practice studio. Soon, he may not just be known as one of the best rappers in K-Pop, but one of the best dancers too!

Contributing so much lyrically and musically, Yoongi’s role in the band can never be understated, and it is with that that we wish him the happiest of birthdays. BTS as a group are such a huge part in so many people’s lives, and there is no doubt that celebrations will be happening across the world today!

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