Why is it important to continue what One Direction’s Action/1D started?


This time last year One Direction called upon their fans to join together and participate in a worldwide initiative called Action/1D. The campaign encouraged young people to voice their concerns over important human issues like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

So what happened next? The next month, at the UN summit leaders from around the world, signed a new set of promises that could save 6,500 children’s lives – every single day – for the next 15 years. Thanks to pressure from thousands of One Direction fans across the world, governments agreed in a historic moment that goals must be met by ‘all nations, all peoples and all segments of society.’

One Direction’s power to raise awareness for almost anything isn’t anything shocking. However, the unity within their fandom and dedication to support a cause which will affect the next generation is something they should be highly commended for.

Action 1D

Save the Children’s newest campaign ‘Every Last Child’ sees us fighting for millions of children who are still discriminated today, whether they live in the wrong place, because of their sex, they’re refugees, disabled, or from a minority. One Direction asked what kind of a world we want to live in, and that’s something we should be asking for a long time to come.

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