On Our Radar: ONE OK ROCK, Richard Hadfield, Alice Olivia, and more


After a major holiday in the U.S. (sorry, Brits), we need to take some chill time to digest all that turkey and mashed potatoes. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of all the best music coming out the U.S. and the U.K. this week. You can put in a playlist to listen to while you become a blanket burrito on the floor—or listen to it at the gym, if that’s how you roll… I guess.


Taylor Noelle – ‘I Fall’

United States

Taylor just released her debut EP ‘Out Of My System’, a soulful record that includes this single. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Taylor moved to Nashville to pursue music and education where she launched her career by making connections and performing. She plans on leaving the States for the U.K. next spring.

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Fröst – ‘Crackling on the Wire’

United Kingdom

A collaboration between Franco-Swedish sound artist Johanna Bramli and Fujiya & Miyagi’s synth player and producer Steve Lewis, ‘Crackling on the Wire’ is inspired by the German poem ‘The Erlking’ and sung in a blend of French and English.

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Amaroun – ‘If This Is’

United Kingdom

A single off her 2017 album ‘Helmet’ (which will be supported by a documentary), ‘If This Is’ is a tragic love ballad. The album will speak to her sexuality, and she explains, “I didn’t know but I always knew. One day you just get brave and let yourself be. I was in love…exclusively in love with her. It came out in a stream of songs and then I leaped and told the rest, no restrictions.”

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Christina Rubino – ‘Godspeed & Guns’

United States

The title track of her latest album, Christina speaks to her own life experience in ‘Godspeed & Guns’. She’s even been dubbed a female Johnny Cash in the folk world.

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Alice Olivia – ‘Shot You Down’

United Kingdom

With fans on both sides of the Atlantic and a previous feature in Forbes magazine, ‘Shot You Down’ is Alice’s latest single.Star of her own YouTube documentary, Alice only works with fellow emerging London beatmaker Lipso D.

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Richard Hadfield – ‘All of Me’

United Kingdom

Former member of Britain’s Got Talent-winning group Collabro, Richard is releasing an album entirely on YouTube called ‘Swingfield’. He’ll be performing solo at Piano Works in London on December 11th.

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ONE OK ROCK – ‘Bedroom Warfare’

United States

ONE OK ROCK‘s new album ‘Ambitions’ comes out in January, just in time for them to launch their U.S. headlining tour. They’ve just debuted the official video for their single ‘Bedroom Warfare’.

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Dominique – ‘If I Could Go Back’

United States

Based in New York City, Dominique is known for her live looping YouTube covers of pop hits. Her latest DIY, self released and self-produced EP is due out next month. It will feature five new songs, including this single ‘If I Could Go Back’.

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Sam Setton – ‘Stranger’

United States

An electronic-pop artist from New York, Sam’s single ‘Stranger’ comes off his anticipated EP that’s due out next year. The song speaks to the feeling of becoming strangers with past significant others, inspired by a recent breakup.

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